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Thread: Most Embarrassing Moments!!

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    Re: Most Embarrassing Moments!!

    When I was 16, I was invited over to dinner at my first (serious) boyfriend's Dad and Stepmom's house. I was, to say the least, a tad nervous, wanting to make a good impression.

    Everything was going great until we sat down to eat. J- passed me the butter dish, and when I went to slice a pat to put on my plate, I, not realizing the butter was still hard as a rock, flipped the entire stick of butter onto my chest (while wearing a blue, shetland wool sweater, no less). I was at a complete loss, and J- was of no help whatsoever as he was convulsing with laughter in his chair.

    I got through it, but learned to always test the softness of the butter before taking some. :rollin:

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    Re: Most Embarrassing Moments!!

    All of your stories are just too good. Thank God, we can laugh at ourselves. I had to make sure I set my drink aside for fear of spewing the monitor and keyboard.:lol: :lol:

    I love the men restroom stories and have one to add. While traveling by car to the east coast, I stopped at a rest stop to use the restroom. It must have been a popular rest area because there was a line. I just walked up to get in line noticing the beautiful long hair on this women (I thought). It was strawberry blonde with lots of curls. I stood there for a little while, sneezed, and when I did this person (man with a moustache) turned around and said----lady, I think you're in the wrong line. I said thanks and I think I crawled away. I was just so embarrassed!!


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    Re: Most Embarrassing Moments!!


    Speaking of restrooms, when I was about ten years old my mother and I were at a park. I dashed in to use a restroom and when I came out my mother informed me I had just used the mens! Thank goodness no one was in there!


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    Kara Bear

    Re: Most Embarrassing Moments!!

    In grade ten we had to get booster shots at school. I don't like needles very much, but I was being tough that day. So I got the needle and it was no problem, I felt fine. I went back to history class, sat down, and started taking notes. a few minutes later I found myself on the floor. I had passed out, fell out of the chair, hit my head and somehow ripped my favorite pair of jeans.
    But the story gets better.
    Somehow I felt I had to get out of the classroom so I got up and walked to the door where I fainted again. By this time a nurse had been summoned somehow she got me to the library where they were giving out the shots and I fainted again!!!!
    So for the next 2 years of high school, I was known as the girl who feel asleep in history class (it was a really boring class)

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    Re: most embarrassing moments

    Well, my whole life is pretty much one long, continuous embarrassing moment, so it's hard to find just one that tops them all. Here's one that comes to mind - it's kinda gross, but everyone seems ok with the bathroom stories...

    A few years a go, I had borrowed a leotard from another dancer for a costume in a show we were doing. On the last night of the 1st weekend, she had requested the leotard back at the end of the show. I asked if I could possibly wash it first, as I didn't really want to hand her a sweaty leotard, but she said she was going out of town early the next day, and really wanted to take that leotard with her (whatever!). I tossed her the leotard as soon as the piece was over - I was in several other pieces that night, and this was in the middle of a 7-person quick costume change in a 4' x 8' dressing room. The rest of the evening this dancer seemed to be acting pretty aloof toward me. I thought, ok, maybe the leotard doesn't smell too fresh, but she's the one who insisted I give it to her! After the show, the first opportunity I had to go to the restroom, I realized in absolute horror that I had gotten my period while I was performing!!!

    <strong>I. Just. Wanted. To. Die.</strong>

    But wait, it gets better!

    The other dancer had already left, and I spent all week wondering how I was going to face her at the next performance. I mean, how could I just not say anything? Especially since she had to give me the leotard back? So, as she hands it over on the following Friday, I stammer out to her that I think I know why she wasn't too thrilled about getting her leotard, and that I realized after the fact what had happened, and that I was soooo sorry. She looks at me very strangely and says that there was nothing wrong with the leotard when she got it (other than having been performed in). <img src= ALT=":o"> I pretty much could not look her in the eye for the rest of the run.

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    Re: most embarrassing moments

    A couple years ago when my brother got married, he was introducing some of his friends to us (his family). There was this one man that would be considered eye candy:smokin: :smokin: . He and I were visiting about various things and massages came up. He seemed to be in the know of how to give one, positioning of hands, the tender spots, etc. He was showing me how to do it and then I was practicing on him, which was kind of a pleasure it itself:evil: :evil: . Later that evening at the reception my family and I walk in and I see the back of this man who I think is Eye Candy guy. I walk over and start massaging his back as I was such a good student just hours before. The man turned around and said ------ oh, that feels so good!!! He wasn’t Eye Candy man, it was someone else!!! I stopped immediately, hurried to the table where my family was sitting and told them what happened. We were all in stitches over the incident.:lol: :rollin: :lol:


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    Re: most embarrassing moments

    It had to be when I was working for an airline in Alaska that had a special service called the "Gold Nugget Jets". I was announcing the arrival of a flight over the airport loudspeaker and it came out as, "Announcing the arrival of Alaska Airline's Gold Jugget Nuts". As if that wasn't bad enough, I still had the mike keyed when I said a swear word.....<img border=0 src="" /> (20 years later and I still blush.)

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    "Announcing the arrival of Alaska Airline's Gold Jugget Nuts".
    Aloft, that was just hilarious. :D :D :D I hope the bad word wasn't the biggee, if you know what I mean.


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