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Thread: Anyone coauthor your posts?

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    Anyone coauthor your posts?

    As I was sitting here enjoying the company of my faithful and trusted yellow boy lab, and my cute little girl Vizsala (German hunting dog) it made me curious if anyone else has coauthors on their posts. In fact, where do you post from, what is your "posting environment"?

    I have my computer set up in the kitchen. It is a bistro/retro style kitchen with the Rosie the Riveter theme. It is really inviting and warm, and I have a loveseat in here that the "kids" lounge on while editing my posts. I also post from the ultra techno computer room at work sometimes when I don't get lunch.

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    Re: Anyone coauthor your posts?

    In my 10X10 cube at work. I do have lots of toys in it. I have 3 bosses and I made voodoo dolls for each of them. Some days they have quite a few pins stuck in them.:lol: :lol: :lol: I don't have the internet at home. I have been thinking about it though. My time is limited at work for posting.


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    Re: Anyone coauthor your posts?

    I post from my home office. It is on the main floor of my house, off the kitchen and family room.
    It is a fairly large room, with two desks (one is my husband's, one's mine) and is filled with shelves and file cabinets. I can see the kitchen if the office door is open, but I can't see the TV, or any part of the family room. No pets, no kids are allowed in there usually (it's either a place to work, or a place to escape when needed)

    My husband's side is a mess, which infuriates me
    Mine is nice and organized :lol:

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    Re: Anyone coauthor your posts?

    My computer is in what was our bedroom when we first built the house. The four "kids" had the three upstairs bedrooms and when we had an empty bedroom we moved upstairs. I now have a desk, the computer desk, a couple of sets of drawers, two file cabinets, two baskets full of tapes of skating, a small tv that is on basic cable and a sofabed. It is a four level house but both the middle halves are on the ground floor. It is built on a small hill that some of you say Kansas doesn't have, :rollin: :rollin: This is the back half where the family room, laundry and bathrooms are. Since I live alone, there is no one to help me. My daughter may have to come back here when she finishes her treatments in Tx again. At least, I hope she finishes them.

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    Re: Anyone coauthor your posts?

    My posting area is the finished basement. I have two cats that like to share the room with me. My youngest (he acts like a baby too) likes to sit at my feet under the computer desk. The oldest one just hangs out on the floor or on the arm of the couch.

    My sister moved in with her cat and he occasionally joins the group in the basement. He usually just ignores me though.

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    Re: Anyone coauthor your posts?

    Dee - You need one or two of the object's finger nails and a lock of hair. Careful, Dee. It works.

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    Re: Anyone coauthor your posts?

    I'm in my family's dining room... my pug is always near

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    Re: anyone coauthor your posts?

    I used to make most of my posts from home (where my computer is in my room), but I have gotten lazy - at work I have a superfast brand new computer with DSL. So, I tend to sneak in a few posts at work In the last few months, I've become loathe to even turn on my comuter at home if I can help it!!


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    Kara Bear

    Re: anyone coauthor your posts?

    I have recently given up my own place and am now at home bugging the heck out of parents.
    So I'm writing this sitting at my desk that my Dad built. Its full of books and other childhood stuff. my kitty likes to sit directly in front of my computer screen so she can get my attention. She is roaming my desktop right now. My room is pretty crowded. Thats what happens when you put an apartment full of stuff in one room. Hopefully this is only temporary.

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    Cinderella On Ice

    Re: anyone coauthor your posts?

    DH and I do practically no cooking or eating at home, so instead of a kitchen table, we have a desk, computer, scanner, 2 printers, great speakers, etc. etc. I usually post from here while he's on the couch in the family room. Sometimes I post from my home office upstairs, and very very infrequently from work. We have four rescued Shar Pei, and they each check in on my from time to time for some ear scratching and attention.

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    Re: anyone coauthor your posts?

    I usually post from my living room. I have a laptop which I position on the arm of the couch. Still not the right position and my arm aches if I'm on too long. I usually have the TV on, but don't pay much attention to it.

    I actually have 2 living rooms in a sense. I live in a 4br bi-level. I only use the kitchen, bathroom, my bedroom and the downstairs family room (which I call my living room). The rest of the house is used by my mother one night per week. She's only home from Sunday afternoon til Monday early evening lately. The rest of the time she's in NYC working or spending time with her friends.

    When we bought the house, my brother lived here and my mother worked part-time in the area. So, the house was just barely the right size. I'm hoping to sell in a couple of years. Thank God my neighbor is retired and likes to work outside - we pay him to mow the lawn.

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    Re: anyone coauthor your posts?

    I am sitting in the corner of a den that has banks of windows on three is like being outside. Just outside the windows there is a @#%$ willow tree and a squirrel is sitting on the branch about 2 feet from the window wondering what the hell I am doing. the birds love to sit in the tree as well and sing their hearts out. The southern windows have my wife's orchids in them. These guys have been blooming continuously for a year now. The best fun is when it snows, watching it drift by the windows.

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    Re: anyone coauthor your posts?

    <span style="color:blue;font-family:comic sans ms;font-size:small;"><em>... wondering how long it will take Figureskates to wonder why the word M-o-o-r-e came out so strangely...</em></span>

    <span style="color:maroon;font-family:comic sans ms;font-size:small;">
    Usually I work on "my" computer in our home office (one of our 4 bedrooms, which is really quite a large room filled with faxes, printers, 2 computers and large desks, etc.). However, if there is a good TV show on, I might work on the laptop in the living room if Mr. RG doesn't need "his" computer. Mr. RG doesn't co-author my posts, but as you know, he's a big fan (picked Sarah to win the gold in SLC to which I replied that he was a loon) so I've posted his opinions on here occasionally.</span>

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    Re: Anyone coauthor your posts?

    <span style="color:fuchsia;font-size:medium;">DEE:</span>
    Never thought of voodoo dolls, but I like the idea...

    <span style="color:fuchsia;font-size:medium;">SAMMIEJ</span>
    I feel your pain on the messy/not messy office space. Mine has an entire room to himself so that I can close the door when the computer parts start to breed and overflow into the rest of hte house.

    <span style="color:fuchsia;font-size:medium;">GRGRANNY:</span>
    I sm not familiar with you daughter's situation, but I wish the best for her, whatever she may be going through.

    <span style="color:fuchsia;font-size:medium;">KARA BEAR:</span>
    Take heart, I have also moved my household into one room of my parents house before, complete with Labrador...any they already had a Lab and two cats.

    <span style="color:fuchsia;font-size:medium;">CINDER:</span>
    Sounds like a busy household...kudos to you for your rescue efforts!

    <span style="color:fuchsia;font-size:medium;">HEYANG:</span>
    I like yard work...when we bought our house one of the neighbor boys asked if we wanted yard service...I quickly do that calculations of how much more time on the ice that would afford me, and decided that I do not need to take pride in my own yardwork at this juncture of my life. Next year though, I plan to build a dack in the back and get a pool. Laughs at me he does, when I mention this to my other half. Just wait til I start hauling those power tools to the back yard. When he is not looking, I get my tools out and play
    I don't care if the pool is only a kiddie pool, I want some summer relief.

    I think that I would get sidetracked with a window like that. I love to gawk outside...

    Thanks for sharing. I really like learning stuff like this about my fellow posters. It makes it more personal. Where's that hug emoticon anyway?

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    Re: Anyone coauthor your posts?

    I am situated in my bedroom! My apt. is not very large, so my computer is in my room. I have my radio and mini-stereo for company (dogs must be nice too!). I have had many a lovely concert while posting on Golden Skate. In answer to your question, noone coauthors my posts. My ideas are my own. I do have a male friend, who I sometimes relate some of the posts to and he has given me the odd inspiration for a post or two!


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