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Thread: Check out new HQ Olympic Photos in the Olympic Forum

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    Check out new HQ Olympic Photos in the Olympic Forum

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    I don't know if anyone reads the Olympic forum any more- it's been inactive for a while- but just want to let the members know I've added pictorials of the ladies' Olympic medallists in the forum. So, whenever you have some time, relive their Olympic moments through some great photos

    (note: the photos are not thumbnailed any more- they are just direct links to the pictures. This is to prevent any issues with ads, banners, etc. I apologize if this causes any inconvenience but it's a precaution I have to take.)

    Shizuka Arakawa (Gold medalist)- 54 photos

    Sasha Cohen (Silver medalist)- 90 photos

    Irina Slutskaya (Bronze medalist)- 87 photos

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