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Thread: "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen".....

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    "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen".....

    Viewed this flick yesterday, starring one of my favs, Sean Connery. The local newspaper blasted it, giving it a "D", but I thought it was a lot of fun and full of action. I don't go to see a movie to try and analyze the flick, but for pure entertainment, and that's what I got. Anyone else see it? 42

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    Re: "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen".....

    My two coworkers went and raved about it. I am putting it on my list to see. Thanks for sharing.

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    Re: "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen".....

    Glacier.......glad to hear that.......:D 42

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    Re: "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen".....

    On my list too. The concept behind this movie is great, IMO. Taking classic literary characters and making them into "Real" superheros. I was getting kind of sick of men who turned into angry green giants (the Hulk), people who were real but weren't (The Matrix - That was the plot of the second one, right?), ect.

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    I would agree that this was an interesting and novel idea. I enjoyed the movie for the most part but something just didn't click for me overall. I much preferred "Pirates of the Caribbean".

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