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Thread: New Skate Advice

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    New Skate Advice

    Can anyone give me some advice on new skates? I've skated in Harlick finalists for years with no problems, but my most recent pair aren't working out too well. I got a pair about 4 months ago and they seem to be broken down already, and they never really fit as well as my old skates have. Before Harlick I wore Riedell gold stars for several years, but I don't want to go back to Riedell (heel is too wide). I like the fit of Harlick, but they've generally lasted for about 9 months to a year for me, and this recent pair has broken down way too fast. Any suggestions on other brands I might want to try? Is it worth sticking with Harlick despite this recent bad experience? I'm 130 pounds and a pretty strong jumper, double axels and some triples. I'd welcome any advice on what boots I should get.


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    If you like Harlicks, then I'd contact the manufacturer and see what they can do for you. I'm not familiar with them, but I know that Klingbeil bent over backwards for me when I wasn't comfortable in my boots after a few months.

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    Harlick makes some of the stiffest boots around. Call Harlick and ask to talk to Phil or Rudy. They both know what they're doing and do a fantastic job. I've been in Harlicks for my last 4 pairs of boots and am on my second pair of customs which are GREAT and perfect.

    You can also email them...

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    Check out this other thread. It quickly starts going in that direction.

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    If you are having problems with the Harlick Finalists, try the Riedell 1500's. They have cork heels and soles for lightness, and a unique heel-hugger strap at the ankle lace-up area that prevents the heels from lifting inside the boots. Both the heel and foot can come in different widths - so there is no such thing as heels too wide. My daughter is a triple A foot with a quad A heel.

    My daughter wore Harlick's for years and broke them down as well - Loved the boots, but the heavier Harlicks and stiffness required for her jumps caused nerve damage along the tongue in the foot. At that point, she weighed less than 100 lbs but needed Finalists from about age 9.

    The Riedell 1500's are much lighter and have not caused any problems, although my daughter also breaks them down more quickly than most people. However, Riedell as well as Harlick, will rebuild their skates.

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