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Thread: Back from Vegas!!!!

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    Back from Vegas!!!!

    Hi Everyone! Thanks so much for your great suggestions and birthday wishes. Vegas is a great place to celebrate a birthday.

    Unfortunately, we were there at the height of the summer tourist season, so most of the big shows were booked for the days we were there, including "Circus", "Celine", and "The Blue Man Group"........but we had a great time none the less and definitely plan to go back next summer.

    We are about 6 hours from Las Vegas, so we decided to drive and enjoy the vista of the Mojave Desert........truly beautiful. We stayed at the "Luxor" which is amazing, a history of Egypt from the moment you walk in. The "Excaliber" and "Mandalay Bay" are connected to the "Luxor" by moving walkways, so we spent the first day and a half in just these three hotels.

    The first night, we were able to get tickets to "Catch A Rising Star", a comedy club that featured three comedians....very good. Mandalay Bay has the largest underground aquarium in North America, so because my hubby is a big "fish" buff, we spent an hour there.........this place is big with full size sharks, alligators, etc.

    We spent most of the second day at Hoover Dam. We booked a tour jeep and guide and spent an hour just traveling up and down the various walkways on the dam itself. The temp at the dam Tuesday was 118 degrees in the shade!!!!

    The Excaliber features a Medival jousting/dinner show which was fun. I've been to similar ones in L.A. and this one was first rate (love eating my food which my fingers).....It was a great way to spend the evening, and cheaper then gambling.

    Yes, we gambled some, not a lot. I think over the three days were were there I lost about $25.00....a "high roller" I am not!
    We also walked "the strip" which was insightful in itself, and met people from all over the world. It's a great vacation place, but I'm glad to be home!!! 42

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    Re: Back from Vegas!!!!

    Glad you had a fun time:D

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    Pleased to hear you had a great time. When we went to Vegas, we stayed at the Excalibur, and also attended their dinner show. It was FANTASTIC! It was the first time I had been to such an event, and would go again in a heartbeat!

    Did you get to see the Pirate show at Treasure Island? That was one of my favourites. We saw it in the afternoon and had to go back at night to see it in the dark. My favourite hotel, I think, lol, was the Paris. It was so beautiful, so light and airy feeling. It had only been open a few months when we were there, but I thought it incredible.

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    Re: Vegas

    <span style="colorurple;font-family:verdana;"><blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr><strong>I think over the three days we were there I lost about $25.00</strong>[/quote]
    Show, I'm so proud of you. Glad you had a good time.

    When it is that hot, does it seem that way? In Omaha here, some days it is let's say, 90 degrees and the humidity is about the same, it is just terrible.


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    Re: Vegas

    Hey Show,

    Glad you had a good tim e (and a happy birthday).

    I have a friend who goes to Vegas every year or so, just to do the tourist thing. Seems the place is constantly changing, what with new hotels and such. He says you should have booked your show choices months ago! But he also says the place is fun, without any shows and without majot gambling.

    One of these days, I think I'll follow suit. But I think I'd rather go when there is snow here and Vegas will be a great change of weather!

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    Re: Back from Vegas!!!!

    Show 42:

    I stayed at the Luxor when I was in Vegas last Spring! Isn't it great? I also went to the Excalibre for the dinner and jousting show. I loved the horses. We went to Red Rock park and a place called "Old Town" - it was a western theme. Had a great time there! A week was not enough time to spend there. I wanted another week! Oh well, maybe someday I will get back and see some of the sites we missed. Did you catch the Star Trek experience? It was "out of this world!"


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    Re: Back from Vegas!!!!

    I loved the "Star Trek" experience. If you have a AAA card you get a big discount on the tickets.

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    Re: Back from Vegas!!!!

    I've been twice=my mom and I travel together=stayed at the Flamingo both times=great hotel and right in the center of the strip=had a great time both times=last visit we saw Circus-de-Solie (probably spelt wrong) at Treasure Island=awesome show=everyone should go there at least once=


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    Re: Back from Vegas!!!!

    Hey Gang........thanks for your great comments and suggestions.....dlk.....We did indeed have a great time, and are planning a return visit next year.........we do plan to take in the Star Trek experience...I'm taking notes...

    Canuck......the Excaliber is amazing, we spent as much time there as the Luxor and I love that medivial jousting show! We didn't make it to Treasure Island, but that's on our list too...

    Dee.....I can't believe I only lost $25.00 dollars either. I'm not much of a gambler, and mainly stick to nickle slots...:D

    Joh....This was a last minute trip on our part, so I wasn't surprised that the big shows were year I will plan better.....Lad.....The Luxor is amazing....We spent the better part of an hour just roaming through the place and the different really feel you are in Egypt..

    CB......I didn't get too far down the stip on this trip, but we thought next year we'd try to get reservations on the opposite side, the side where Treasure Island is and we also want to make the day trip tour to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon......can't wait.........42

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