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    Terminator 3

    We just got back from watching TR-3........great action movie for those futuristic fun-lovers........the casting was "spot on" and Arnold was........well, he is the "Terminator"........42

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    Thanks Show for the report. I was interested in getting some feedback on this movie before I went to see it. The reviews have been mixed and I don't always agree with the reviewers, so! I like Arnold and hope this can be a moneymaker for him, he really needs it! T2 was so good and I hope this can compare.

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    Re: Thanks

    Bronze, I really liked this movie. It is ten years later from where T-2 left off. It fills us in nicely as to where John has been and then the action starts and doesn't stop......what a roller coaster ride. I was literally on the edge of my seat the whole time.........42

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    Re: Thanks

    My coworker and I went to see the matinee on opening day. It was pretty good. I liked the antagonist (female) cyborg. She played an awesome part. And Arnold's dry one liners were present as well.

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    Skate Sandee

    Re: Thanks

    It was an decent action movie, but no where up to the standards of the first two. What makes the past two movies so much better is that it has both crescendos and then quiet times that give the humans time to reflect on the ideas. I miss the ideas part in T3. This was just BOOM - an immediate and unrelenting marathon into non-stop action. While that can be fun, it got old for me really fast. The only interesting part that engaged any sense of thought or wonder was the last 10 minutes - which nicely set up what will inevitably be the sequal.

    I would have liked to have seen more time spent on Kate having to come to terms with her potential role in the future. While we see her outrage at being "kidnapped", she almost effortlessly buys into what's going to happen without any adjustment problems. I'd have liked to seen this obviously caring vet asst not be so easy to pick up a gun and assume what will eventually be her role in the resistance. (Part of what made Linda Hamilton such a great character was that she was pretty much bumbling with the idea of killing through the first movie and had to learn to become the strong-willed warrior that she became in T2). I'd have like to see more with Kate's father and spending some time debating the Skynet activation issue.

    I really liked the casting of Kate and John though. He's much more effective that the kid in the T2 movie IMHO.

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    Re: Thanks

    I thought T3 was very good.

    John being a loser got a bit annoying at the beginning. Overall, the writers did a great job at moving the storyline in a logical manner.

    I liked the casting, too.

    BTW, did anyone else notice the psychologist from T2 in this movie, too?

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