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Thread: My Favorite Sasha Longs

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    My Favorite Sasha Longs

    As much as Sasha gets dumped on for always splatting in the long, there have been a few exceptions over the years that have stuck out to me, in which she hasn't made any major errors, and you can really appreciate her skill, especially the Swan Lake program at Campbells.

    2002 US Nats LP "Carmen"

    2004 Campbells LP "Swan Lake"

    2006 US Nationals LP "Romeo&Juliet"

    And then there was her performance at 2005 US Nationals, which despite one fall, seemed like one of her most joyful performances and one of the performances where she truly felt the music instead of just akting to it.

    2005 US Nationals LP "The Nutcracker"

    As much as I have to thank youtube for reminding of all these programs I might have forgotten existed, I'm also ready to block the website from my computer because of the amount of time I've spent on it, instead of studying for my exams.

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    Here's the use of the word "splat" again; I find nothing wrong with it here.

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    My fave Sasha LP has to be fall Cheesefest debut of Swan Lake-I was there! It was almost clean, and the excitement of presenting a brand new program that she was clearly proud of was evident, which made the LP even more pleasing to watch.

    2006 Nats. R&J was 2nd best for me. Yes, she was overcoming the flu and didn't have a lot of spark or speed...well, now that I think of it, I loved her skate at the Marshall's Dec. thing better despite it not being a compete LP.

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    Actually, with Swan Lake, she was coming into her own as a skater that could do more than just show off her flexibility, imo. It was a wonderful well worked out routine and even Wagner's version did not take away from the spirit of it.

    The R&J with its sugary music did nothing for me until Wilson got her back on track of feeling the music.

    For me, Sasha is a musical skater but not able to put something of herself into the LPs that she does. Most of her nuances are standard fare. She needs a TT or a Wilson to get her into the real character of the music.

    Her two SPs (Malaguena and Dark Eyes) are fabulous. I believe since she uses them repititously for more than one year, she then is able to put something of herself into the programs. I totally agree with Flemming when she says stunning!!

    Unfortunately, there will be fall(s) in her LPs. She's far from being a great jumper, but she is adequate. How can she overcome whatever it is to do clean LPs?


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    In addition to those named, I love the 2006 Olympic R&J. It is painful to watch because of her disappointment. However, after the falls she did a dynamite performance, probably her very best in its maturity and beauty.

    Also, I LOVE her Rachmaninov program (2003 GPF). The lush music brings out the best in her. The footwork is thrilling.

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