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Thread: American Idol-Final Thoughts

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    American Idol-Final Thoughts

    I am shocked, but I finally get it. This contest isn't about true talent, a voice that sends shivers up your spine with its's about "how many people got through the phone lines with their votes".....ridiculous. To his credit, Clay was gracious and humble and I hope his compensation will be a few hits on the music charts. Rueben seems like a great guy with a pleasant voice but that about does it for me....42

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    Re: American Idol-Final Thoughts

    In the long run this will help Clay... he'll be the more independant singer of the two... American Idol pushed Kelly so far her voice gave out... Ruben is also showing this type of strain... Clay's is ringing pure... Justin is right on schedule with where he needs to be(actually he needs to be far away from recording his "music" my ears can't take it ) Clay will have a better career should he decide to continue and not get his special education degree... which I hope he finds a way to do both... he doesn't need to tour a lot to be extremely popular

    Amazon is showhing his single as the #1 pre-ordered album... and it's held steady since the end of last week I believe... it's amazing! Ruben is far down on the charts...

    I love both... but Clay is the most consistant... and it helps that he's S. Baptist... and a geek

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    Re: American Idol-Final Thoughts

    Show, ITA about the phone thing. Why can't they set up a process where each person can vote only once. (Like Golden State polls :lol: ). That way maybe everyone who wants to vote can get through and we won't have these contests decided by who has the best speed dial equipment.


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    AI-Final thoughts

    HBF, I don't think Clay will have more independence since both he and Ruben now have contracts with 19. They are both Simon's boys now. Don't see the independence in there.

    As far as Ruben's voice giving out, I saw signs of BOTH Clay and Ruben having voice problems. Too much extra singing in the last days. Tired vocals and they need a rest for at least a couple of months.

    You know, I'm glad Ruben won, but I would have been glad if Clay won. I want both CDs. But pre-ordering isn't an ACTUAL sale. Credit card isn't charged yet. I'll wait and see what happens.

    Personally, I won't wait and see because I don't care who outdoes whom as far as CDs go. I want both CDs. I'd buy one by Kimberley Locke also.

    Well, another day, another dollar.

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    Re: AI-Final thoughts

    actually the 2nd place person while they do sign on... don't have to do as much as they are not the winner... Justin was not paraded near as much

    also Justin has more freedom in who he can work with... while Kelly is stuck working with RCA/19/whomever... that and there's no set date for when there WILL be an album for #2...

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    Re: AI-Final thoughts

    Now I feel better about the results, i.e. that Clay will have more freedom, etc., but I was sure looking forward to seeing him on all the talk shows. Now it'll be Rooooben instead. I love his voice, but come on, who would you rather see on Regis or Letterman? ITA agree about the polling. I think Clay "lost" about the same way Gore did!
    Speaking of polls, I saw a poll on MSNBC today that said 58% of the people thought the wrong person won! A similar poll on the official Idol website had the people split exactly 50/50.
    Whatever happens, bring on more of Clay!


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    Re: AI-Final thoughts

    Clay won't have the freedom until his contract with RCA is up. Simon reserves the right to sign any of the top 12 if he wants to, and he's obviously signed Clay.

    The one area I think that this will work in Clay's favor is that he probably won't be molded into the teeny bopper that he probably would've been if he had won. Ruben will obviously become the R&B/Soul star that he has shown throughout the series. Winning American Idol will help further his career. I think Clay is better served to do his own thing.

    It was great to see that the show came down to the best 2 talents, unlike last year when it was a given that Kelly was gonna blow Justin out of the water. I hope Ruben and Clay (as well as Kim) have long careers ahead of them. Can't wait for AI3 and Canadian Idol.

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    Skate Sandee

    Re: American Idol-Final Thoughts

    I am shocked, but I finally get it. This contest isn't about true talent, a voice that sends shivers up your spine with its's about "how many people got through the phone lines with their votes">>

    LOL! You're just figuring this out now? Where have you been? How the hell do figure that Carmen managed to hang in as long as she did? Her talent? LOL!

    I'm thrilled with Reuben's victory, but I like Clay too. I'm sure both Clay and Reuben's home town had concerted group efforts to phone in as many times as possible. So it happens on both sides. That's why I too wish there was only 1 vote per phone number.

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    Re: American Idol-Final Thoughts

    Okay, okay, I know I am a bit naive when it comes to this kind of show. I also watch "Star Search", and half of the votes tallied are from the judges, and so far the winners have been "right on" as far as talent-performance ratio goes, plus you get the results in minutes!!! Not so with American Idol. With all that said, I must admit I'm hooked and will probably watch next season (although I don't think I'll try voting anymore......just sit back and enjoy the performances).... 42

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    Re: American Idol-Final Thoughts

    The phone calling scandal is not new. The same topic of speed dialers via business networks came up last year too. Frankly, I don't think Fox really cares. If they actually counted by phone #'s, they wouldn't be able to say they received over 24 mil phone calls (Or whatever the number is).

    Maybe they need to be ratified by an accounting firm like the lottery and Miss America pageants.

    As for the winner, I'm glad he won. Clay's voice is better, but I can't watch him sing. At least with Ruben, I can sense that he's truly enjoying what he's doing.

    I was concerned with his health issues. He was sweating at the end of every performance. I know the lights are hot and bright and that nerves can be involved, but it seemed a bit too sweaty. Could be partly a gland problem - ever notice that Paul Wylie sweats a lot more after skating than many other skaters?

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    Re: American Idol-Final Thoughts

    I don't get what all the hype is with this show. What's so great about it? The singer who won - Ruben? has a pleasant voice - not outstanding - I only heard the other singer - Clay - briefly on the radio. I thought he was better of the two.


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    My thoughts on AI...

    I'll just copy the email I sent my mom, after watching the results...I worked, so didn't get to watch it till thursday morning...

    ---Justin was probably in the audience thinking "Damn, I'm lucky neither of these guys were in the competition last year, or I'd still be 'Who??'"

    ---RJ was probably in the audience thinking "Who?"

    ---Notice we've seen NOTHING of Nikki since last year's competition...yet, the winner, second and FOURTH place contestants have been on this year's show (Way to go, all you losers who put Nikki ahead of Tamyra last year!)

    ---Clay had BETTER put "Bridge over troubled waters" on his CD! That AND "Unchained Melody", the best version of that song ever, past or present

    ---Not that it's a joking matter, but I wonder if Ruben will have HIS heart attack/stroke before or after the age of 30....I mean, the guy is BIG, and he's just up there singing, not running a marathon or even walking to the bathroom...and sweat is just POURING off his face

    ---Since the beginning, now, and forever in the future, Kim Locke has been a stronger singer than Ruben

    ---Is Carmen starting to look like Morgan Fairchild in those "Old Navy" ads? Regardless of what she looks like, she still my friend Kacie from work would say "there goes the 'goat girl'"

    ---Thank goodness Julia's "solo" time was very limited

    ---What the heck was that Paula and Simon kissing, then Simon waking up with Randy thing?????????? Never mind, I don't want to know

    ---Have I said that Clay rocks?? He ROCKS!

    ---Josh kind of gets skanked....he did make it to #4, but doesn't get to go on the tour...oh well, military service kind of frowns upon music tours when you've already had a few months off

    ---Ryan Seacrest is just the king of dorks...and I don't mean that in a good way

    ---Does anyone miss Corey?? Hee hee, didn't think so.

    ---Watching Ruben cry after he won made me cry (of course, I'm sleep deprived right now)

    ---Both of the top two guys are class acts, all the way....I'm glad that Clay will have a CD coming out the same week as Ruben's...we'll just see who is the more marketable in the long run

    ---I WILL buy a Clay CD....I WILL buy a Kim Locke CD....I WILL buy a Tamyra Gray CD....the rest....oh well.....doubtful

    ---Although, in brief moments, I caught the appeal of Ruben....and I think he did better in the Monday "filler" show and the Wednesday show than he did in the final actual competitive show

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    Re: My thoughts on AI...

    On The View, Michelle said she was rooting for Ruben. So if you preferred one of the others, if you like Michelle, you can at least be consoled that she is happy Ruben won.


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    Re: My thoughts on AI...

    Voting problems or not, I give a hearty congratulations to Ruben. Seeing him do the rounds of the interviews and red carpets, he's got true grace and star quality. His voice doesn't do it for me, but as I saw for myself, I liked him the most in the very beginning. And I have no doubt he has millions of fans. Besides, the true test isn't who won this or even whose first CD sells best. It's the SECOND CD that will tell the tale. The music business is littered with singers who had a great-selling first album, but after that is when the public decides whether they will continue to shell out their hard-earned bucks for your voice. People are still doing it for singers like Thom Jones, Barbra Streisand, Robert Plant, Tony Bennet, Celine Dion, Madonna, and that rarefied group of others. Only time will tell if Ruben and/or Clay will have staying power. But while they've got the limelight, they've both been very positive, seemingly genuine, and IMO delightful to watch (if not always hear ). Both Ruben and Clay have record contracts and will put out CDs on the same day in early June. Then phone lines won't matter, only cash (or credit card) on the table. Good luck to them both!

    Heyang: If you're in good shape, heavy sweating is actually a good sign. Among athletes, those that have better oxygen uptake (basically are in better shape) perspire more. It means the body's cooling system is in better condition. Also, some people just sweat a lot. Louis Armstrong is a famous example. On stage, Ruben may want to take a cue from Satchmo and use a handkerchief I still have my concerns about his health relative to his weight, but at this size (reportedly 360 lbs and 6'2) and age (24), he may indeed be in perfect health. My concern is more for the future because people tend to gain weight after their college years.

    In general: A couple of snarky remarks I just can't help:
    --Does anybody think Kato Kaelin is watching Ryan Seacrest thinking, "Damn! I could've done that job!"

    --Does anybody wonder what the Fox Sports Network was thinking when they hired Kim Caldwell? Actually, I thought her acting wasn't bad in the video they did with her, but what's she going to do? Color commentating on cheerleading competitions?

    --Does anybody else think AI rescued Paula Abdul from a life of doing Hollywood Squares?

    --How vicious do we think AI Jr. is going to get? Not among the contestants, but among the parents? If Fox doesn't get the voting thing fixed, I see lawsuits big time.

    This isn't snarky, but watching AI and erratically peeking into "Star Search" (just couldn't bear the comedians) makes me REALLY appreciate what incredible voices people like Celine Dion and Whitney Houston have and what incredible performers they are, with Barbra Streisand and Aretha Franklin truly being phenoms of the 20th Century. Pop music isn't my cup of tea (I dug Aretha's early soul stuff and love her gospel albums) but seeing all these singers auditioning for AI and Star Search hammered home just how rare it is for a Julie Andrews or Thom Jones to come along. Just an observation of appreciation.

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    Re: My thoughts on AI...

    hey all,

    not particularly surprised at the outcome. personally, i would have picked clay 'cuz i figure he's done the most improving from the original shows picking the contestants. also i felt he was a bit more adventurous with song picks. he even cut down on the annoying facial expressions and extraneous hand movements. ok, just a bit. sorry reuben, i still feel one song is the same as another to you.

    as to the voting and such. c'mon, this is a tv show. do you really expect fairness? and does it matter? "fairness" for recording artists doesn't exist. how many cds you sell and how many tickets are sold for shows are what matters. sad to say, but true.

    a kiddie idol search? out for those stage parents!

    since i am a cynic &/or a realist, i only watched occasional snatches of the 2 hr show. knew they wouldn't announce the winner until the last 5 minutes, so why torture myself when i could roam cyberspace, read a novel and channel surf at the same time! must admit, i wasn't bored that way.

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