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Thread: The Tonys "Jersey Boys"

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    The Tonys "Jersey Boys"

    As a big Four Seasons fan I was so happy to see "Jersey Boys" rewarded at The Tonys last night. Have any of you seen this? I would love to hear what you thought of it. It will begin a national tour in San Francisco December 06 which means in ten years it may make it to Charleston. You don't hear as much about TFS as you do The Beach Boys but here in the east they were just as big if not bigger. I have been listening to my Four Seasons CDs since last night. Can't decide on my favorite FS song "Let's Hang On" or "Silence is Golden".

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    Pleasant show. I watched it. That Canadian show, Chaperone won so many awards, and you had to believe it would win Best Musical but it went to the Jersey Boys. Those things happen not unlike Brokeback Mountain.


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    I hope Jersey Boys makes it's way to Toronto soon. I'd like to see it.

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    My aunt and I are hoping that it makes its way to Anchorage... it looked so awesome the other night on TV...

    Joe - I was surprised too at the result...

    Also surprised at the near shut-out of The Color Purple (though judging by the scene they decided to show on the stage the other night, I can't say that I blame them) loved the best actress' speech though... she was cute!

    I thought this was by far the most boring show though... normally they are fresh and fun and not just a bunch of speeches but we have hosts that break up the monotony....

    Bring back Nathan Lane... it's always more fun with him! (they could have even done it "The Producers" Style with Nathan and Matthew playing their roles and hosting as such lol)
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