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Thread: Big East/ACC, your thoughts?

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    Big East/ACC, your thoughts?

    Those of you who follow NCAA sports have probably heard by now that the ACC has been recruiting some schools from the Big East to join their conference. The main purpose seems to be to get the 12 teams needed in order to have a conference play off game in football which also means added $$$ (they needed to add three). At first they were looking at Syracuse, Boston College, and Miami with the reasoning that the addition of SU and BC would help them to get a foothold into the northeast TV market. Again, more $$$ and would make their east coast alumni happy. The University of Virginia (an ACC school) would not go along with this unless Virginia Tech would be invited to also join the ACC. Now the ACC is only asking VT and UM to join. VT, who until last week was committed to remaining in the Big East and even had joined with Pitt, WVU, Rutgers, and UConn in a law suit against BC and UM to help preserve the Big East Conference, has accepted. Miami has not made a formal decision yet. With only VT and UM invited it still leaves the ACC one team short of the 12 needed to have a play off game. By leaving out SU and BC their goal of courting the northeast TV market and alum is out the window too. VT and UM have played for the national championship in the last two years and are the two top football schools in the Big East. Their exit could very well mean that the Big East will loose their place in the BCS.:evil: I feel that the NCAA needs to take control of conference affiliations and attempt to make things more equitable. What do you think?


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    Re: Big East/ACC, your thoughts?

    I don't have a horse in this race (except vicariously, though you: Go Mountaineers!). But I have wondered what the legal situation is. What is the basis of law suits on behalf of the Big East? Do individual schools have multi-year contracts with conferences, so that conference can legally hold schools that want to break away?

    As for the NCAA, I have always wondered where it gets its quasi-governmental powers from. If the NCAA comes to town and says, I am going to investigate you and punish you for NCAA violations, why don't schools just tell them to get lost?

    Other than that, I think the big deal is Miami. This is a perennial football powerhouse with a national television draw. Any league would want them, just like the Big Ten (now with 11 schools) wanted Penn State. Now the talk is to get Notre Dame to join the Big Ten, perhaps kicking out Northwestern.


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    Re: Big East/ACC, your thoughts?

    As for the NCAA it is the governing body of college athletics. If the NCAA penalizes you (depending on the infraction)TV appearances are sometimes limited, therefore recruiting suffers and of course revenue is diminished and that trickles down to all of the school's athletic programs. Football and basketball fund most of the other sports. The basis of the lawsuit is that all of the schools in the BE other than Syracuse( don't know why not SU but that is why they were not being sued when it was thought that they would be joining the ACC) had an agreement with each other of loyalty to the conference. Based on that the schools have spent millions on their football programs to bring them up to Big East standards so to speak. UConn has just spent many millions in preparation of joining the BE in football. The BE took Miami when no one else would (you knew I was a snake before you took me in:evil: :evil: :evil: ). As for Notre Dame the Big 10 and every other conference can keep dreaming. They are in the BE for basketball but will always be independant for football...beacause they can. If MU and VT formally announce they are leaving before June 30 they have to pay a one million dollar fine to the BE. After 6/30 that is doubled. I think that they have to pay something like 4.5 million to join the ACC. You can bet that the BE will be raising the penalty amount for any future teams that decide to leave. What does the BE do? Raid conference USA which would make them no better than the ACC? There are several bball schools that would love to join the BE and it could very well end up being a bball conference again. That's not much consolation for us football fans. We need a pouting emoticon!


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    Re: Big East/ACC, your thoughts?

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>You knew I was a snake before you took me in[/quote]:rollin: But you know what? As applied to Thug U., aka Miami, that's only half joking. I heard that they have to compete with Nebraska for recruiting rights in prisons.

    Notre Dame in the Big Ten? Just a matter of time. We'll make them an offer they can't refuse.

    About the punitive powers of the NCAA: The University of Michigan has to pay a bunch of penalties (loss of scholarships, no postseason appearances in basketball, etc.) because a private citizen with no connection to the University gave basketballer Chris Weber some money when he was in high school and college. How can the University and its current athletes be blamed for that?

    As for my own school, Wayne State, we are perennial contenders for national honors in two sports: fencing and glee club. Go Warriors! (We just changed our name to Warriors. It used to be Tartars. But nobody knew what a Tartar was and thought it was either something you put on fish or else had something to do with tooth decay.)


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    Re: Big East/ACC, your thoughts?

    Is Wayne State in the MAC? I think that Marshall plays them in something. Warrior sounds better but Tartar sounds scarier (I almost married a Turk once). As for thugU, LOVE IT! :rollin: Their games with Notre Dame and BC used to be known as "The saints vs. the sinners". I'm sure that their guys could probably get work with Tony Soprano anytime. One of the down sides of them leaving the BE is that WVU does a lot of our recruiting in that area of Florida. We get guys that Miami won't take (that doesn't sound good , does it? LOL). Let me rephrase that. We get guys that don't make the ATHLETIC cut at UM. They are eager to play in the same conference as Miami as well as play against them. Ever so often one becomes a star which is nice for everyone. With it almost certain (unless Donna Shalala decides to grow a conscience) that Miami is gone to the ACC, our potential recruits will most likely go to the ACC also. Maybe Clemson? The late Lewis Grizzard who was a columnist for "The Atlanta Journal - Constitution" as well as a University of Georgia alum, used to refer to Clemson as "Nuthin' but Auburn with a lake". Clemson is one of the schools that proves that the NCAA does not always hand out their punishment in a fair way. If it did the tigers would STILL be on death row .


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