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    Drivers License

    My oldest son passed his driver's test yesterday! I can't believe he has a drivers license now. At least I don't have to drive him all over the place anymore.

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    Re: Drivers License


    My mom was so thrilled when I got my drivers license because then she didn't have to be up at 5am to take me skating anymore.

    Has he bought himself a car yet?


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    Re: Drivers License

    No car yet, but my husband and I are working on it.

    He is starting a new job tomorrow and he needs to save his $$ so he can help buy a car.

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    Re: Drivers License

    I had to buy my own car, my parents refused to help out. Now I'm glad that they didn't help. With my small budget, I was forced to buy an older car. It is reliable, but low on power... it doesn't go much more than 60mph.

    Many fatal accidents that happen with new drivers very frequently involve excess speed. I think a lot of lives could be saved if all new drivers were stuck with slow cars until they had more experience. Even if there was the peer pressure to race, or speed, they couldn't because their car wouldn't let them.

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    Re: Drivers License

    We are not buying him a new car. The budget is under $5000. We looked at a old Honda for $3200 and that is about the right price for what we want to spend.

    I agree with you that "young" new drivers should take driving very serious. It would be great if we could send out our new drivers in old, big, and safe cars.

    My son is 17 (he'll be 18 in April) and drives like an old lady:lol:

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    Re: Drivers License

    Hey dlksk8fan, there are many of us out there on the roads who wish for the good old days of the the 49 Hudson and 52 Buick.

    When I was still working, I felt that every time I got into my vehicle I was taking my life in my hands. In Texas most drivers speed with direction because 'it's their right' and often times use the auto as a weapon. Oh how I longed for a 52 Buick; now that vehicle was akin to a Sherman Tank. Not especially stylish but you were safe.

    I agree with your thoughts though; new drivers should take driving seriously. But in these times when we glorify films like The Fast and The Furious genre, we can't exect much. And I don't know if you've noticed that some of the newer models are vigorously promoting the '0 to 60' feature. I think this feature rather nice but I can't think of any area where it could be of any use outside of a track.


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