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Thread: I twizzled!

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    I twizzled!

    Egged on, as usual, by watching the higher level skaters at todays' extremly crowded session - and practicing my power 3-turns being quite out of the question due to said crowdedness - I got to work on my one-foot spins instead (you don't have to go very far...), and all of a sudden, I found myself twizzling!
    Awesome! Not at Mach 3, of course, like Chelsea, one of the local champions, but twizzle I did nonetheless!
    I know, Dick Button thinks they're ugly, I like them, add that to the extremly long list of things I don't agree with him on....

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    Way to go on your twizzles!

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    Whee! Aren't they fun? I learned a forward inside after asking one coach to show me what a twizzle was, because I wasn't getting it (she showed me, and I promptly came back the next week with "Hey, look what I can do!" and she sighed and said, okay, learn the other direction, too.)

    Then recently I've been doing back outsides, but not intentionally. I kind of do a back outside three and just keep turning and turning. I have a check-out problem with back threes....

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    I love twizzles (well, I'm a dancer so I would, wouldn't I), although they can be ugly if not done just so!

    Husband and I aren't quite able to do more than one side-by-side twizzle as yet, but we do one wimpy little RFI twizzle as part of the introduction to our Dutch Waltz! We don't, alas, always come out of it in quite the same place.

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