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Thread: What's behind YOUR name?

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    sk8ing lady2001

    What's behind YOUR name?

    Log on here to find out.

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    Kara Bear

    Re: What's behind YOUR name?

    Kara: either a pet form of Katherine (not in my case) or a variant of Cara which means beloved in Italian or friend in Gaelic.

    Very cool...thanks for the link

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    Re: What's behind YOUR name?

    MY name isn't in their database, lol! Happens a lot... :lol:

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    Re: What's behind YOUR name?

    Doris Paulina Pulaski
    Doris- A Dorian woman (i.e. from Spartan area of Greece), also the name of a Greek sea goddess
    (it was my mother's name)
    Paulina-name of a Roman family, meaning little bitty in Latin
    (what a joke on me!) but it was my Grandma's name and she was little bitty
    Pulaski - son of Paul (Polish) it's my husband's last name.

    So as you can see, I have only used names, none of my own.


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    Re: What's behind YOUR name?

    DONNA__ f__ English
    Pronounced: DAWN-a
    Means "lady" in Italian. It is also used as a feminine form of DONALD.
    Well at least I know why my brother-in-law calls me Donald:lol:

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    Re: What's behind YOUR name?

    MANUEL m English, Spanish, Portuguese
    Pronounced: MAN-yoo-el (English), mawn-WEL (Spanish), mawn-oo-EL (Portuguese)
    Short English form of EMMANUEL, as well as the Spanish and Portuguese normal form. This was the name of two kings of Portugal and two Byzantine emperors.

    EMMANUEL m Biblical, French, English
    Pronounced: e-man-WEL (French), e-MAN-yoo-el (English)
    Means "God is with us" in Hebrew. This was the foretold name of the Messiah in the Old Testament.

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    MICHELLE f French, English
    Pronounced: mee-SHEL (French), mi-SHEL (English)
    French feminine form of MICHAEL

    Pretty boring!

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