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Thread: Aarggh!

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    So I just started my summer training on Monday, and I sprained my ankle coming down the stairs last night! So now I'm off the ice for at least a week, such a bummer, I was finally getting back into it!

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    Aw, poor thing! That's awful. I'm not on again until a couple of weeks.

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    I hope your ankle gets better quickly!!! Just take it easy for the first few times and then start some exercises for it.

    I didn't get to skate yesterday, because we were being fitted for new boots (yup, the whole family!!!). Yesterday was my normal skate day (every other Thurdsay) so I was disappointed that I missed a day of skating. Not to mention seeing a rink full of skaters and not being able to join in!!!

    I thought I'd be able to skate on Sunday BUT NO!! there is a hockey tournament for the whole I get to stay home and help my husband finish building a closet (happy, joy).

    Sucks. I've only been able to skate 3 times a month this summer and it's almost over!!! 6 more weeks until my home rink gets ice anyway.

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