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    Question Photography at competitions

    I would really appreciate some feedback regarding photography during ice skating competions. I am the parent of a skater and I get written permission from a small number of other parents to photograph their children (as well as mine) during competions. I strictly abide by the rules and never photograph any other skater or any practice session. I have been advised that plans are in place to ban all videoing and photography and to have a professional onsite who will charge for photos and videos. I feel that skating is an expensive enough sport already, and that this money making activity is very unfair. I would be grateful for any feedback and to find out whether parents around the world are allowed to photograph their children on the ice.

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    Welcome to Golden Skate, Nicole. Regret your first post has a problem which we know nothing about. Could you explain if this is a USFS or an ISU directive and how can we find it?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Nic0213
    I have been advised that plans are in place to ban all videoing and photography and to have a professional onsite who will charge for photos and videos.
    Are you referring to U.S. club (non-qualifying) competitions? If so, there have always been professional photographers and videographers who are contracted by the host clubs to provide and charge for their services. It is my observation at these club competitions that quite a few parents videotape and/or photograph their own skater(s), and that as long as your are not charging others money (thereby taking away from the official videographers' and photographers' business), you should be okay.

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    Liberty made an announcement that you must not charge or use your photos/videos for marketing and after that ignores your camera. Some very professional models were being used in the crowd.

    Lake Placid however, really does not want you to make videos although it did not make a lot of effort to keep you from bringing a camera into the event last year. I know of at least one case where a spectator who was playing back a vid was asked not to take any more pictures by a security guard.

    At Nationals last year, despite having licensed everything to ABC, no particular effort was made to inspect our camera.

    Part of the issue may not be the photographers and production companies that are mainly selling to skaters, but the licenses the clubs are selling to webcasters like MediaZone.

    This is an evolving policy, but these days people are taking photographs with cell phones, personal organizers and whatever. It's going to be hard for them to keep up with technology.

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    Doris, you were lucky... we had camera nazis on our end and at one point I had to take my camera completely apart and prove to them that it was as small as I was saying. Funny thing was I'd forgotten my 200mm lens and was just using a basic one *smacks forhead* but I think the body had them worried lol

    I think it's the ones that do break the rules that ruin it for the rest of us. I enjoy taking photos and it's the whole reason I go for the full week lol

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