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    Blades Question

    Hello! I am an adult 53 year old skater, have passed ISI FS3 and ISI Dance 3. I currently am skating with Coronation Comet blades, and my coach wants me to consider other blades, but she does not know which ones to recommend. Also, I think I have read that Coronation Comet's are not as good for spinning, and I have had problems conquering my my one foot spin off of one foot - I have taken some pretty good falls recently trying not to put my free leg down. Any thoughts and suggestions would be very welcome!
    Thanks, Marcia

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    Hi Marcia, i don't really have much advice for you only to say that i skate with , and have heard nearly everybody recommend getting coronation ace blades, however, from what i can tell the difference between the commet and ace isn't that great.

    I only to freestyle and no dance so was thinking of getting the coronation ace k-picks and debating whther to get the parabolic blades or not - does anyone know if they are worth getting?

    Another thinkg i've been told is that while you can buy too much boot for your level, you can't really buy too much blade, so if you have the money to spend then buy as good as you can afford.


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    I suggest Coronation Ace or Coronation Dance. If you aren't sure which discipline you want to do, go with the Aces.

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    There can be such a thing as too much blade for a skater. Someone learning to skate does not need Gold Seal blades or Pattern 99 picks. In fact, the tapered blade and picks would give a new skater too much instability and 'toe pick' accidents.

    I recommend Four Aces to skaters as a good higher-end blade suitable for freeskate and dance. Similar to the Coronation Ace and Comet, it has better picks and I find provides better flow to skaters.

    Ultima also has some good MK & John Wilson copy-cat type blades that have worked well for many skaters, at a much lower prince. I've just had one skater switch from Pattern 99's to Ultima blades, and never noticed the difference - fora about half the price.

    Many coaches are partial to a particular blade, often because they prefer it or experienced success with their students. We are all unique and not every blade is right for every skater.

    Let's face it - any top skater can make any blade work for them - expensive or not. It's the radius and rocker placement that affects the take-off or a jump or the centering of a spin, and that is an individual preference.

    The more expensive blades are made from better quality metal and often hand-finished or chromed, and will hold the edge longer which means fewer sharpenings. Fewer sharpenings mean the blades themselves will last longer.

    But weigh the price of the high-end blades, with your wallet and skating expectations. Top blades won't solve your technical problems - more lessons will or more ice time.

    You can't go wrong with a good quality medium priced blade - at least this time. Who knows-- in a couple of years when the blade wears out you may be ready to move up to the mercedes class!

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    I recently switched from the Comets to Coronation Ace blades. I cant believe the difference in my spinning, once I got used to them. I had to re-learn my jump landings a bit (by pushing more through the heel, because the blade has more rocker than Comets) but after 3 hours of skate-time I was fine with it.

    I went from having a barely decent travely scratch spin with 8-10 revs to a very fast centered one with 10-15+++ revs. 3-turns are also much better (and so are my back crossovers).

    I wish I had switched last year...but I'm very happy with this blade.

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    I used to use Coronation Comets and have no complaints about them. I currently use MK Professional Freestyles - which are a comparable blade, but they have cross-cut picks, which I wanted.

    Back when we used to still do figures, the Coronation ACE was an all purpose blade (meaning you used it for both patch and free) and the Comet was a freeskate blade. It doesn't really make much of a difference anymore.

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