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Thread: How much is gas in your town?

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    How much is gas in your town?

    Ok, I am REALLY starting to worry!!! I heard that BP is having some gas problem and will have to shut off supplies for perhaps months? Anyway, in Grand Rapids, Michigan yesterday the gas prices where around $3.20 yesterday. I heard that they are drastically supposed to go up, around 4.00 or more a gallon!!! And, in a town about 20 miles from Grand Rapids, gas HAS already gone up to over $4.00 a gallon.

    How much is gas around your area? I would tell you how much it is here TODAY, but I can't afford to drive into town to find out!!


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    BP is shutting down Prudoe Bay temporarily... according to them it's due to pipes leaking... it just happens to come at the same time that the Alaska Senate is voting on a bill to pass the new pipeline and the 20% extra tax the oil companies would have to pay. BP has already said they won't go higher than that extra 20, but the senate wants them to pay more... so I think BP is showing that they will pack up and leave if need be...

    gotta love politics (granted this is just my theory)

    Prudoe Bay only contributes 8% of the US's oil... we've been told already that it will not create a crisis...

    this doesn't stop the big heads from raising gas prices though it's anywhere from 2.79-3.00 in Anchorage, Alaska

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    Yesterday, it was 2.98 or 2.99 here. There are two stations on the highway here and they generally have the lowest price, but not always. We had 3 locally owned stations in town that have all closed but one and he is closing as soon as he sells the last bit of gas he has. Really be sorry for him because when it's really cold, I go there, because they do it for you. I hate to go get gas.

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    Too darn much that's how much!!!

    Ok, I feel better now that I got off my chest... Gas here in Richmond is hovering around 2.99 a gallon, but goes up & down by 5 cents every three days... I swear, if I weren't so lazy ~ I'd buy a bike or figure out how to catch the bus....

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    there is gas less than $3??? Where? I live in LA, it is about 3.12-3.20 near where I live. Although if you go near Westwood or Beverly Hills area, it is usually near $4/gal. I haven't paid gas less than $3/gal in about 1.5 years now.

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    When I filled up yesterday, gas was $2.96 for regular in NJ. So far, I haven't paid more than $2.99/gallon.

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    EXPENISVE!! I live in British Columbia - lower mainland - need I say more?

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