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Thread: "Varekai!"

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    On Bravo last night was the TV debut of Cirque du Soleil's "Varekai!" I think this is the best show they've done yet, though I haven't seen the one with all horse acts. This one really flies and I think is artistic and athletic without getting precious.

    In fact, there is one duet that I think has a lot of great moves for pairs skating. (Hey, Joe! Cirque du Soleil moves in pairs skating! )

    Also, although it didn't affect how I felt about the show, I enjoyed the behind the scenes series that showed the nine months that go into creating a Cirque du Soleil show. I think it was called "The Fire Within." Eh title but interesting reality show.

    If anyone else saw it what did you think?

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    Re: "Varekai!"

    We are CDS Family so of course I watched. I will work the box office when the show tours here in January of next year. I wondered about the pair moves that might develope from some of the Adadgio act. How did you like the Kosac dancing?, ( the Rusian dancers) I am really looking forward to seeing them.
    Love Daniel and Little Lulu

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    Re: "Varekai!"

    I would also like to add that CDS worked on lifts with Brassuer and Issler.
    Daniel and Little Lulu

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    Re: "Varekai!"

    I generally move quickly when Cirque du Soleil is on but if I do not move quickly, I am glued to it. It's just so stunning.

    Everyone, give yourself a treat sometime and see it LIVE. Increible.


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    Re: "Varekai!"

    I was going to watch it this afternoon and got interested in Misfits and missed it. I have watched it a little but I don't really ever just sit and watch tv unless it's skating. And then I usually am doing ironing or something.

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    Re: "Varekai!"

    I missed the broadcast of Varekai, but I'm sure I'll catch it eventually.

    Cirque d'Soleil is really quite a site to see. I saw Allegria and Quidam while they were in NYC. Also, saw Mystere at Treasure Island and Oh at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Wish I had seen Dralion. They were all the same, yet very different.

    I tried getting tickets for Varekai, but didn't care for the seats available on the dates I checked. Since I've seen 4 of the shows, I really don't want to attend unless the seats are worthwhile.

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