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Thread: Shades of 911

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    Exclamation Shades of 911

    Wow what happened to today in London was a close call. Thank goodness the authorities were able to prevent the most terrible air disaster of all time!!! We don't need another 911.

    I am happy for those people on board who were spared a terrible fate.

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    My friend called me this morning with the news very upset because her son has been in the UK playing soccer with his club team. They are schedule to come home on Sunday on a American Airlines flight into San Diego. That flight could have possible been one of the planes the terrorist would have been on. Very upsetting and scary.

    What's this world coming to

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    A friend of mine from from London is flying out tomorrow to Los Angeles (we are planning on hanging out). She's so freaked out.

    It's good they caught the plot, and hopefully they'll catch the folks who tried to do this. Death penalty kinda sucks, but for people like that, I say draw and quarter 'em.

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