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Thread: Movies that still make you Cry?

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    Philadelphia- I cried through the whole movie.

    Casablanca-when Elsa realizes at the airport that she is not staying with Rick, gets me every time.

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    I don't think there have been many movies I haven't cried at. But then, it hardly takes much for me to cry.

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    In "Touched By Love", a very young Diane Lane played a 12 or 13-year old Elvis fan with cerebral palsy, and she dies at the end of the film after reading the letter from Elvis that she had been hoping to get for so long. Wow - that was a heartbreaker.

    When Jennifer Jones dies in "Farewell to Arms" with Rock Hudson at her bedside, that one too is a real bummer.

    And how about Margaret O'Brien as Beth in the 1949 version of "Little Women"?

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    Life is Beautiful made me well up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by evenstar View Post
    Life is Beautiful made me well up.
    Oh yeah, me too. That was a heartbreaker.

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    "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", though apparently I'm the only one who doesn't really give a flip about the young lovers, but...Li Mu Bai just finally started to act like he wants to acknowledge his feelings! There were hints! And Shu Lien loves him! And NOW HE DIES!!!! And I am sad. "I would rather drift through the world by your side as a condemned soul than enter heaven without you. Because of your love, I will never be a lonely spirit." *sob*

    "Hero" (with Jet Li)--at the end, when the rider comes back with the orange flag and they realize that their plan has failed.

    "Millenium Actress"--makes me tear up at the end.

    "Possession"--weird, weird little costume drama/treasure hunt combination (ah, the cutthroat world of historical document collecting! Thrill to the pursuit of letters from two relatively obscure Romantic-era poets!) but the historic plot gets me and the end just is a good kind of punch in the gut.

    I can't get through the second episode of "From the Earth to the Moon" without crying. It's "Apollo One." The beginning (which plays out the fire) and the end (when Frank Borman testifies to the Senate committe about what the astronauts would say if they could speak from beyond the grave) are tearjerkers.

    "The Cowboys". YOU DON'T KILL THE DUKE! (Though Bruce Dern? He's creepy. Be my guest.) I'm kind of a sucker for the whole end-of-the-cowboy-ways kind of plots.

    "Gettysburg". At the end, when Armistead is wounded and asks after his friend on the Union side and is told Hancock's also been shot. "Not both of us! Not all of us!"

    Okay, so, for a girl, I might have some weird tearjerker buttons to be pushed.

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