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Thread: A Tribute to Elvis - the Skater of Course...

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    A Tribute to Elvis - the Skater of Course...

    Now that Elvis is definitely leaving the building and hanging up his skates, I would like to express my deep adimiration for his contributions to figure skating. Elvis burst on the scene at a young age here in Canada and brought down the house every time he soared into the air. His athleticism is simply amazing. He demonstrated that being strictly a jumper can be an art in itself. He often was critcized at first and down graded by the judges because of his lack of artistry, but his jumping abilities were top rate. Kurt Browning said "Elvis was his toughest competition." Kurt also dubbed Elvis as "the Terminator." I loved the way Elvis focused at the beginning of his program, one could see his mind set which stayed him through the entire program. He even skated while in pain. Watching Elvis skate live was a real treat. He just soared through the air and his fast footwork and wonderful flow across the ice left one breathless. Elvis was also one of those skaters who could pull a rabbit out of a hat at the last moment. He could really think on his feet and often would throw in a jump or two at the last minute - just when one thought all was lost. It was inspiring.

    Elvis will be missed but he certainly left his mark on figure skating and will always be an inspiration to the new skaters coming up. I hope he does well with his singing career but does not close the door completely on figure skating.

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    I've always liked and admired Elvis, even since I first heard of him (1992 Olympics). I'll miss him on the ice, for sure, but I'm glad he was a part of the sport for so many years.

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    I never loved Elvis's style of skating, but he was an incredibly focused and disciplined competitor. He also seemed like a very nice guy. I wish him well...

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    I have always love the intensity and dedication that Elvis gave to sport.

    I just wish I had the chance to see him skate live.

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    He was the ultimate competitor and perfectionist. I did not always like his programs, but his "stick to my own guns" mentality no matter the criticsm was to be admired in a sense as well.

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