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Thread: a few questions...

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    a few questions...

    I started skating a while ago. I'm a beginner, but I learn very quickly as I was already good at just gliding, I'm taking lessons so I can start freestyle. What equipment do I need and how do I stay conditioned? My last lesson was 3 months ago as the rink closed for the summer. it opens again in october, but I can drive an hour to get to another rink if i can convince my mother to drive me. i just can't get there often. also, where are good places to get practice dresses? thanks!
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    The most important thing is getting a good pair of skates. You can stay in condition by working out (biking running, walking, etc) and doing some type of weight training.

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    You can practice a lot of ice skating moves on roller- or inline skates.
    It's not exactly the same, but close enough to keep you sharp until you have ice again.

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    Good places to get practice dresses depends a lot on where you live... but check with your local skating club, they will know of places in your area where skaters typically get their dresses. In the meantime, it's quite popular for skaters to just practice in stretch leggings (plain black or other colours, probably can find some at any department store or sporting store) and a t-shirt.

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