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Thread: Questions for people GOING to Skate America in Hartford, CT (I need help)

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    Questions for people GOING to Skate America in Hartford, CT (I need help)

    So I would like to get all-event passes from Thursday to Sunday, and I've just called and been told that all Platinum passes (out of my price range anyway) are sold out and those seats are the first 8 rows. Apparently Gold passes (from rows 9 - 15, approx.) are $195 and the Silver (rows 16 and up) are about 70 bucks cheaper. Is it worth it to spend the extra 70 bucks on better seats? I haven't watched figure skating live in a really really long time and I don't remember - can you really appreciate it from high up or is it signifcantly better lower down? (I know that sounds like a dumb question, but I am on a student cost range here, lol.) Also, how do practices work? Can you get as close to the rink as you want for pictures, autographs, etc. or do you have to stay in the same seats that you are assigned for the competition part? And are the practice schedules released ahead of time?

    Answers to any of these questions would be greatly appreciated. I'm almost ready to book tickets, but I heard that doesn't start until next week. And I think I'm gonna take a train and stay in a hostel. Who else is going?

    P.S. Are we 100% sure yet that ice dance teams D/V and Den/Stav will be there as scheduled?

    Oh I want to go so badly.

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    The Zaretskis have replaced Drobiazko/Vanagas -- link to Skate America roster as of 8/15/06 (roster changes may still happen, so best not to go just to see specific skaters):

    If saving $70 is important to you, then I say go for the Silver all-event ticket (you might be able to move down ). Practices are usually general seating unless there are roped-off areas for coaches/officials/credentialed people.

    You can book all-event tickets now. Single event tickets have gone on sale as of today.

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    It's a different experience to sit at ice level -- you get to see the skaters whiz past at 100 miles per hour and jump right in your face, so that's pretty cool.

    But IMO, as far as actually seeing the whole performance, the seats a little farther back are better.

    About practices, these are usually very sparsely attended and you can sit wherever you want. The practice schedule is announced well in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathman View Post
    It's a different experience to sit at ice level -- you get to see the skaters whiz past at 100 miles per hour and jump right in your face, so that's pretty cool.
    There is nothing quite like that and the breeze as they go by. Also the sounds are much clearer to hear. And if you are lucky you might get some eye contact.

    As Sylvia was saying too, you might be able to move down for less then if you purchased up front, of course you will have to go through the ticket line during and might be getting in the seat as someone is skating - even free if you are lucky and no one "bumps" you.

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    I have had both seats and very much prefer the up higher seats. The reason being is you see more. I don't really like the closer seats and thank god because no matter what I won't pay the price for them. I also take pictures and use a zoom so the higher up the better.

    Practices are fun, and you can sit anywhere as long as you don't bother the skater and the coaches while they are practicing. I've noticed that the skaters are very willing to sign autographs and take pictures after their practice session is over.

    Have fun!!!


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    I prefer a seat on a balcony up front. If not a seat about in row 10 on the main floor will do. To have a full view of the house satisfies my curiosity whether the skater can cover it. Remember, you will not get close-ups like you get on TV, but on the plus side, you will see everyone in the competition.

    Usually, one can see some skaters and coaches who tend to look casually from the back rows of the arena. There are so many sightings.

    If you get caught (and this is only an if) the usher will tell you not to sit there, so all you have to do is move to another seat (not necessarily your own). depending on the interest sans Cohen and Kwan this season, the Ladies Division may sell out and it's difficult to find empty seats during Ladies.


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