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Thread: If you have ever asked "Who's Fred&Ginger?"....

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    If you have ever asked "Who's Fred&Ginger?"....

    I have pretty much concluded that most of you posters here are under 40 - maybe even under 30 - and many of you have no doubt at some time or another, heard references to "Fred&Ginger" during skating telecasts, particularly ice dancing events. You may have never heard of them before, or you have heard much about them but have never seen their dance-couple work in films.

    Well, now you have a chance, coming up in October, to see who many ice dance couples over the years have tried to emulate in their ice routines.
    Available Oct 17 or 24 on DVD will be the Fred Astaire&Ginger Rogers Ultimate Collectors Edition box set - all 10 of their films plus a bonus documentary disc and assorted lobby cards and other goodies.

    Nine of these films were made in the 30's in black&white, and the 10th, "The Barkleys of Broadway" was a "reunion" film made in color in 1949.

    The other films are: Swing Time, Shall We Dance, Top Hat, Roberta, Flying Down to Rio, Follow the Fleet, Carefree, The Story of Vern&Irene Castle, and The Gay Divorcee.

    Of course, many of you may not be movie fans at all, or are not OLD movie fans, but for those of you skating fans who are, this is going to be a wonderful way to see who Torvill&Dean, Blumberg&Siebert, etc,etc, tried to look like in some of their numbers. Just thought I'd let you know.............

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    I love watching Fred dance with anyone. I love the roller skating scene in, I think, SWING TIME. I was like, "ah! They're pair skating!", lol. I'm 24, but I watch ALOT of Turner classic Movies.

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    Thanks for the tip. I love and have watched all of the Fred & Ginger movies ever since I was a young child. Definitely my favorite dance pair.

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    Fred and Ginger were the best. Astaire and choreographer Hermes Pan, came up with some wonderful dance routines. I only wish people who televise skating would follow the "Astaire Rule" which was he insisted that the camera capture the dancer's entire body in the frame. After all, dance is with the entire body, as is skating. Just my pet peeve.

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    Fred and Ginger rocked the ballroom scene, and Torvahl and Dean's Fox Trot in that 'comeback' Oly was perfect, imo. Gene Kelly agreed!!


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    I always felt Gene Kelley would make a better example of a solo or pairs ice skater than Fred. Gene was a great deal more "acrobatic" where as Fred was a good candidate for Ice Dance, so "fluid." But this is from some one who is not a "trained" dancer past show choirs and self taught Ice Skater. So that is JMO.

    Quote Originally Posted by Reuven View Post
    "Astaire Rule" which was he insisted that the camera capture the dancer's entire body in the frame. After all, dance is with the entire body, as is skating. Just my pet peeve.
    YES!!! Keep bring that up, I will too. It is very annoying. Camera"persons" and directors get a clue!!!!!
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