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Thread: Jaw surgery...

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    Jaw surgery...

    Ah yes, the joys of surgery...

    I'm getting jaw surgery next week - the 20th. 4-8hr procedure, depending on how long it takes 'em to break them jaws! Ha ha. (I find having a sense of humor about it helps how I deal!) I'm getting my upper jaw broken off and moved forward with titanium plates, and my lower jaw is getting bone removed in an L-type cut where the lower jaw will be moved back. I'm gonna be wired shut for at least two to three weeks, the surgeon says at most one month. (ACK!!!) Liquid diet, wheee... I've ben waiting to get this done since I was, well, 12! I had braces from 12 - 16, they told my mom they're taking them off so I could get them back on when I was done growing for surgery since any preventative stuff didn't work, so thus... at 18 I got 'em back on. I'll be 21 when they're off. Blah! I'm so freaked out by the whole thing afterwards, and of course...the neeedles. I'm so needlephobic! I hate being in hospitals as I've had neglience problems with nurses before when I was little - they made me sicker than I was when I went in!!! And no one will be there with me, as in, they won't let my mom stay with me or anything. :( And she's flying down to be with me and she can't, it suuucks.

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    Gosh, what an ordeal. But I bet you'll be pleased with the result in the long run.

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    Good Luck, Lanie!

    My daughter had surgery like this almost ten years ago and if you were to ask her today if she would go through it all again, she would answer with a resounding, "YES!!"

    It's tough, but the end result is really, really worth it. Hang in there.


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    Take care Lanie, and as we told you in another thread, keep your nutrition up.


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