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    Here's an interesting story I came across today.

    On one side of the river, there lives a WIFE and HUSBAND. The WIFE has a LOVER on the other side of the river. One night, the HUSBAND, goes on a busisness trip that will take all night. The WIFE begs hims to take her with him because she knows she will be unfaithful to him. The HUSBAND refuses.
    That night, the WIFE, crosses the bridge to go to the LOVERS house. The night passes and the WIFE leaves so she could go back before the HUSBAND gets home. On the other side of the bridge, there is an ASSASIN who will kill the WIFE if she tries to cross. She runs to the BOATMAN who wants 50 cents to take her across the river. She has no money, so the BOATMAN refuses. The WIFE runs to the LOVER for 50 cents, but he refuses because he thinks its her own fault she got into her situation. In desparation, the WIFE tries to dash across the bridge, but the ASSASIN takes out a large knife and kills her.

    Now who do you think was the MOST guilty for the WIFE's death? Put the names of the character in the order you think they are the most guilty. Each character represents a certain meaning.


    Interesting, eh?

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    Re: Interesting...

    I got WIFE, BOATMAN, LOVER, HUSBAND, ASSASIN which means fun is the most important to me, then so on. And it's right too...

    I just don't get the BOATMAN=MAGIC?!?!

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    Re: Interesting...

    I got Wife, Lover, Assassin, Boatman, Husband. I don't think that totally matches my priorities, but I won't tell you which ones seem switched.:rollin:

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    Re: Interesting...

    I guess I don't get it. The Assassin is the person who committed the crime of murder. No one else comes close, in terms of culpability. I don't see what this has to do with whether money is more fun than sex? Am I taking this quiz too literally?


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    Re: Interesting...

    I got Wife, Husband, Lover, Boatman and Assassin (who, after all, is just doing his job, right??) But, I'm really not sure what it's supposed to mean....I guess I'm having one of my senior moments early!


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    Re: Interesting...

    Each of the characters represents one thing important in life. The order you put the characters in terms of being guilty shows the order of importance fun, money, love, sex, and magic in your life.

    So Kasey, the order of the things important to you is
    Fun, Love, Sex, Magic, and Money.

    Mathman- If the wife had not been unfaithful, then she wouldn't have met the assassin...

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    Re: Interesting...

    So I guess that means the only thing I care about is money, money, money.:lol:

    Well, let's see. If you have money you can buy fun, sex, magic and love. I know this because for my last party I hired a clown, a stripper and a magician, and my guests loved it (after I sent the clown and the magician home, that is).


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