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Thread: Dancing with the Stars

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    I read links on another board. She filed for divorce based upon infidelity, abuse and irreconcilable differences. She found porn of her husband performing various acts on his computer. He apparently is also on Craig's list looking for people to participate in 3-somes and other acts. Apparently, their 7 yr old caught Daddy watching porn. Sara has also said that her husband has been emotionally abusing her recently.

    Here's a link to one article

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    Quote Originally Posted by merrywidow View Post
    Yes, she filed for divorce. She'll appear on the show next week & explain to the viewers as to why she felt she should pull out.
    Quote Originally Posted by heyang View Post
    I read links on another board. ...

    Here's a link to one article
    This is sad news, I hope the best for her. At the same time I wont miss her being off the show. But I wish it would have been under the guidelines of being voted off. Good luck to her and her children.

    I wish they could bring Willa back now...oh well.

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