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Thread: Cool resource for Skating Fanatics

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    Cool resource for Skating Fanatics

    Hey all,
    I've just launched a website that includes a Code Of Points query engine that allows you to run sophisticated queries against historical COP scoring data. Queries like:

    What female skater from the USA received the highest score in the short program for a Triple Lutz-Double Toe combo at the 2005 World Championships?


    What male skater from any country recieved the highest score for his combination spin in the short program at the Torino Olympics?

    Check it out:

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    One word- SWEET! It's a pity that the data only goes back so far, but I don't mind because there's only going to be more as time goes on!
    Major snaps!

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    Todd you Rock, keep it coming! And come around GS more often, PLEASE!!!!

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    Awww shucks... I'm blushin'.

    As for the amount of data... yeah, at the moment it kinda sux, cos I only have data from two seasons:

    2006 GP, GPF, Euros, 4CC Worlds and Olys.
    2005, WJC, Worlds, and 4CC.

    I'm working on getting more data in the database... I'm scraping this data from the ISU's publicly available PDFs (which is a **major** pain in the [color=red]*[/color][color=red]*[/color][color=red]*[/color][color=red]*[/color] BTW)... unfortunately, they've changed the format of the PDFs a couple of times, and each change requires a new parser... looks like they've changed again for this season... oh well.. it's not too bad. I'll post here when I get the parser done for the rest of the 04-05 season and get the data imported.

    I plan on eventually including all historical COP data back to 03 or whenever it started. that'll take a few more weeks.

    enjoy, visit often, and tell anyone you can!!!!

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