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Thread: Hockey - Not a Big Hit with USA Fans

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    Hockey - Not a Big Hit with USA Fans

    Here is an interesting article about the lack of interest in Hockey in the USA:

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    I think it is growing, but the other sports are trying to compensate so as to not loose fans or revenue - it is working to some extent. I think it will grow - back and forth but come back a little more each time. Americans can go for those sports that you don't need to watch constantly, it has been such a jump to a fast paced sport for us, and newbees don't understand you watch the play to know where the puck is, not try to keep your eye on the puck. The rule change may have hurt in that aspect, to me I like, but beer runs and frig breaks can't come like in Amr.Football. JAT???

    Anyhoo, GO AVES!!!!!! take a peek at our rookie I just hopen' for a good season even if we don't go.

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    I dunno, I just don't feel hockey. It's not a sport I can really get into unlike football/basketball/baseball when my team is playing. It's fun to watch the fights though

    I'm not part of that generation that got to see the 1980 Olympic final but I sure have heard about it, so I don't know what that must have felt like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Dog View Post
    I dunno, I just don't feel hockey. It's not a sport I can really get into unlike football/basketball/baseball when my team is playing. It's fun to watch the fights though .
    Hehe, I am exactly the opposite! I'm Canadian but only became a serious hockey fan when I moved abroad. I just don't "get" football, basketball, or baseball even though I've been dragged along to many pro games! But I love rugby (especially Ireland).

    Is it easier for the casual sports fan in the US to name Michelle Kwan or Sasha Cohen rather than Wayne Gretzky?

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    I don't know that I entirely agree with the journalist who wrote that article, lol...that hockey is a "hard sell" in the US. There is no question that hockey here can't compare with hockey in Canada but the sport has grown substantially in the States since the 1980's. In those areas which have NHL teams there's bound to be wishy-washy support from the public now and again. While I can't speak for every city with an NHL franchise I can speak for the Central Ohio area which is home for the Columbus Blue Jackets. The city has a population of around 500,000 plus and there are quite a few of those "average Joe's," mentioned in the article, living in the city and surrounding areas. Most nights with home games Nationwide Arena has been a near sell-out situation, if not SRO.

    The Columbus hockey fans worked hard to encourage the powers-that-be in the NHL to set up a franchise here and the fans have supported it ever since, even through the lock out. Because of having the Blue Jackets the area skating rinks have seen an upsurge of hockey business from classes to recreational league play. There are several commercial rinks which were built in the last 2-3 years to accomodate the influx of interest in hockey teams for high school and jr. high leagues. It's gotten to the point that figure skaters have a difficult time finding available ice space because of the competition from the youth leagues and the adult leagues for men and women.

    The game broadcast issue isn't quite as grim as that article would have the reader believe, LOL. The former OLN broadcast is not the only one. Fox Sports Network is also carrying hockey multiple times per week.

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