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Thread: Kimmie on cover of US Skating Magazine

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    Kimmie on cover of US Skating Magazine

    just an FYI

    Ever since she competed in the Olympics and then became World champion back in March, Kimmie Meissner hasn't had a free weekend to herself. She's been here, there and everywhere.

    For the most part, she's been more than happy to live that way.

    She's hung out with the top sports stars and met her longtime hero, seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong, at the ESPY Awards in Los Angeles. She got a chance to perform an exhibition in Lake Placid, N.Y., and even went on a bobsled run while she was there. She did a handful of shows with the Champions on Ice tour, taped television commercials for Subway, tossed out first pitches at Major League Baseball games, read children's books at a local book festival and, oh yeah, squeezed in time to work on her choreography (in Canada and Connecticut) for this season's programs.

    She's been so busy that on the Fourth of July she was the grand marshal of not one, but two Independence Day parades.

    “It was crazy,” Meissner said. “At least one was in the morning and one was at night. At least I got to see the fireworks.”

    It's hard to say no when so many fun opportunities have been coming her way, so she just keeps saying yes. If it fits into her schedule, chances are, she'll be there.

    Read all about Kimmie Meissner in the October issue of SKATING.

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    Nice picture of Kimmie with the autumn leaves.

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    I have a subscription to that magazine. The USFS magazine is finally becoming interesting.

    I believe Kimmie is coming into her own. Looking forward to a good skate whether or not she wins.


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    Not a fan of her skating, but I might be once she develops more, but she seems like such a sweet, down-to-earth girl.

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    Great photo. Looking forward to seeing her new programs.

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