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Thread: My thoughts, as a Romeo + Juliet fan, on Scott Smith

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    Question My thoughts, as a Romeo + Juliet fan, on Scott Smith

    Ok, this is just some observations and hopefully constructive artistic criticism. I mean no offense to anybody, just speaking my mind as a score collector and film buff.

    I thought the opening with the gas station scene was perfect. It confirmed in my mind that he was portraying Tybalt, the villainous Capulet cousin who vows vengeance when Romeo Montague dares show his face at the Capulet's party; he fights Mercutio instead and kills him, Romeo of course is vengeful and kills Tybalt. Sounds like a pretty simple story. But poor Scott's program just really left me confused.

    The Gas Station Scene was nicely done, from an artistic perspective. But then when he starts acting all sensitive and emotional to Kissing You, and then powerful to Escape From Mantua, what on Earth was he trying to pull? The characters of Romeo and Tybalt are on two opposite ends of the spectrum; to portray them both would be like someone skating to Lord of the Rings as Gandalf, then Sauron.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that it has a nice foundation, but either he needs to really study the movie, or he needs to explain, either through words or his moves/music selections, what he's trying to do here.

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    All the fans seem to be pulling for him but he just doesn't hang in there. With so much competition this year 2 GPs, the Nats, he may be showing improvments. So far I haven't seen it.


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    Yeah, as a skater he is very interesting. I hope he does better this year.

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