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Thread: "Water Water Everywhere, And Not a Drop to Drink..."

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    "Water Water Everywhere, And Not a Drop to Drink..."

    After a horrific deluge here in Vancouver and most of British Columbia we were issued a warning to boil our water and limit our use. Thank goodness our area has been give the all clear now and we can resume normal water usage. However Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby and Nanimo still have a warning. People went nuts and raided every supply of bottled water in the lower mainland. The Safeway my husband works at had no bottled water yesterday when he left the store. It's unbelievable. People are fighting over water. This has been the biggest water warning advisory to ever hit Canada:

    This experience has really made me aware of how much water we use daily and how fortunate we are to have a wonderful water supply. I can't imagine some of these countries where water is not so plentiful. We take it for granted.
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    The weather was very nasty here since mid week. There was a lot of rain but thankfully today it is all gone.

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    That's a scary story, Ladskater. We all need to have a lot more awareness - esp. since this kind of weather is becoming more common.

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    This is why I keep at least a month's supply of water (and food) in my garage...

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