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Thread: Absent from the GP Series

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    Absent from the GP Series

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    Forgive me if parts of this has allready been covered, but does anyone know what has become of the following skaters, who are missing from the GP series this year? Who is actually retired, and who is just injured?

    Romanovskaya & Grachev

    Aureli & Vaturi

    Kauc & Zych

    The Beiers

    Joanne Carter

    Idora Hegel

    Meagan Duhamel

    Stefan Lindemann

    Roman Serov

    Gheorghe Chiper

    Rennik & Saks

    Pla & Bonheur

    Aganina & Knyazev

    Volosozhar & Morozov

    Beloglazova & Bekh

    Anyone know?

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    Romanovskaya & Grachev - not sure
    Aureli & Vaturi - I think one of them retired
    Kauc & Zych - Zych decided to retire
    The Beiers - injury
    Joanne Carter - don't know
    Idora Hegel - injury
    Meagan Duhamel - injury
    Stefan Lindemann - illness
    Roman Serov - retired?
    Gheorghe Chiper - retired
    Rennik & Saks - don't know
    Pla & Bonheur - injury
    Aganina & Knyazev - don't know
    Volosozhar & Morozov - injury
    Beloglazova & Bekh - don't know

    Anyone know?[/QUOTE]

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