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Thread: Reality T.V. Shows

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    Reality T.V. Shows

    I <em>hate most</em> reality tv! I tried to watch the very first Survivor and ended up turning the program off after the first few minutes. Since then, the only reality program I was able to watch completely was "1900 House" (about a family living in England in a completley converted house to the 1900s) and another program about two Canadian families who lived in the Pioneer setting in Manitoba for one year.

    Other than that, I don't care much for the format of these other shows - like Survivor. What's your opinion?


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    Re: Reality T.V. Shows

    <span style="colorurple;font-family:helvetica;font-size:small;">I can't think of any genre of TV show that has ever interested me less than reality shows.</span> :lol:

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    Re: Reality T.V. Shows

    <span style="color:maroon;font-family:helvetica;font-size:small;">Oh, wait. I take that back. Any "news" show on Michael Jackson interests me less than reality shows. This freaking oddball pedophile needs to be arrested and kept far away from children. Period.</span> :evil: 0]

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    Re: Reality T.V. Shows

    I'd rather watch classic TV shows like Wonder Years, Andy Griffith, etc.
    Besides, my husband would take the remote and hide it if I even tried to watch them. I have enough trouble slipping figure skating into the schedule. :lol:

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    Re: Reality T.V. Shows

    I simply cannot stand reality tv shows--I don't even like the commercials for them!! The themes are ridiculous--Temptation island, marriage to a millionaire, gag!! Some say "Survivor" is the best of the bunch but is it ever the most liked person who wins? It seems more like the least disliked person wins (of course never really watching any the shows I am only relaying what co-workers have said...). I do catch the "voting off" part sometimes because "CSI" follows--I really do not like the whole voting off thing.

    I did catch a couple episodes of the 1900 house on PBS and I did enjoy that--but that is more of a study pioneer life, trying to get by in that environment, and NO voting off!


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    Re: Reality T.V. Shows

    I feel that the reality TV shows just feed off of the worst of human nature.

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    Re: Reality T.V. Shows

    They are all garbage (except that I have a guilty secret - I do enjoy watching Surviver - it's still garbage, but hey :rolleyes: )

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    Jules Asner

    Re: Reality T.V. Shows

    I've watched tons of reality shows and the only one I would highly recommend to anyone and everyone isThe Amazing Race -- look for it on CBS in about 6 -7 weeks. It's just a good show, no crap.

    The Amazing RAce - best "reality" show. I don't even like to call this a Reality show because it is more of a game show/contest -- nobody is voted off and they show very little interaction between the teams and mostly just show the tasks being completed and the teams racing to catch flights, cabs and whatnot -- teams are eliminated if they come in last. The final 3 teams race to the finish - the race itself takes place around the world - they globetrot all over the place - they've been to China, India, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, Scotland, France, Tunisia, South Africa, Morocco, Italy, Switzerland, Alaska, NYC and many other places. The have to complete tasks in order to get instructions and are often given 2 choices - one scary thing which is faster or one not scary thing that takes a bit longer. The winning team (each team consists of 2 players who know each other) wins a million bucks and also got a free trip around the world by completing the entire race.

    Survivor - pretty stupid overall. The Australian outback was one of the best due to the very likeable "Kucha" tribe. So far this season is interesting due to the boys vs. girls -- the men are proving to be extremely sexist!

    1900 House - was OK, a little dull
    Frontier House-3 families in Montana living like Pioneers - it was very good - 2 of the three families had to build their own cabins.
    1940's House - very interesting - a British family living in London during the war - they were rationed and had to build a shelter.

    Big Brother - 1st season was terrible, 2nd season was very entertaining due to a very funny evil surgeon who ended up winning the whole thing. The 3rd season was also surprisingly good -- the only drawbacks is that it takes a few weeks to get into it and it is on several times a week (3) which is time consuming. The good thing is that it is generally on over the summer when other shows are in repeats.

    Celebrity Mole - surprisingly very good. I never watched "the Mole" but several reliable sources told me to try Celebrity Mole and it did not disappoint - you may be able to catch repeats on ABC family. I may try out the regular "Mole" if it comes on again - if you like some mystery this might be a good reality show for you.

    Fear Factor - I don't watch it.

    Surreal Life - celebrities living together - actually quite amusing due to Corey's rantings and ravings. and it was nice to see that Jerry from survivor 2 "the biatch" seems to be a nice person.

    High School REunion - was quite good - seeing old friends reunite and hang out on Hawaii together for 2 weeks.

    The Bachelor - was OK, except that you have to watch a lot of mean women being mean. plus, they keep breaking up.

    The Bachelorette - was very good, better than The Bachelors.

    The Real World - this was one of the first reality shows which puts 7 very different strangers together, usually in a really nice house - just to see how they will interact together. can be entertaining, depends on which season.

    Road Rules - 6 strangers in a winebago, traveling and completing tasks to receive prizes and $$$ - and also to see how 6 strangers interact together in such close quarters. It and Real world are pretty good, except there is an age limit 18- 24 year olds only.

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    Re: Reality T.V. Shows

    I don't waste my time watching any reality TV shows. I have better things to do.

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    Re: Reality T.V. Shows

    I really, really dislike all of the Bachelor, Marry a Millionaire, etc. shows on Fox that insult the institution of marriage.

    Getting down off my soap box ... The first Mole was really cool. The girl who turned out to be the mole was a dead ringer for Jamie Sale. Celebrity Mole wasn't quite as interesting -- I didn't like the people so much -- but I never would have figured it out. The mole was the last person I would have guessed.

    The first Real World that started it all, I think this was the only "reality" show that had any reality to it. After that, the producers of these shows evidently decided that reality was boring, so they had to contrive and script the interactions of the people more and more. Mrs. MM watches all the Real Worlds and Big Brothers.


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    Re: Reality T.V. Shows

    Well Folks:

    The consensus is in - most everyone here hates reality tv!! Uncle Milty (Milton Berle) would "turn over in his grave" if he knew the state of television today. He was known as "Mr. television." What a "sorry state of affairs" we have today as far as tv is concerned. Oh for the days of "Leave it to Beaver" and the "Avengers." In fact, I still watch those shows.

    Thanks for the response!!


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    Re: Reality T.V. Shows

    other than American Idol and Star Search I HATE reality shows

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    Re: Reality T.V. Shows

    I'll admit to watching Amazing Race, American Idol and Survivor.

    As Jules said, Amazing Race is more of a contest. There is some interaction between teams because sometimes they partner with other teams during the 1st few legs of the race. It's also great to see all the different locations and the obstacles are usually culturally interesting.

    I have to admit my favorite part of American Idol is watching the really bad singers. This only happens during the 1st couple of weeks. It's really more of a talent and popularity contest than a reality series. There's nothing that another contestant can do that can sabotage another. The most 'gleeful' thing about it is listening to the cutting comments of Simon and sometimes Randy.

    Survivor - actually I didn't really watch the 1st one until near the end. Generally, I don't particularly enjoy the 'talking' parts. I like watching the award challenge and immunity challenge to see how well the teams are working together. I'm also interested in seeing why people vote against others.

    As for the Bachelor, Bachelorette, Joe Millionaire, Temptation Island, the Last Resort, etc......I skip those. They are a little too voyeuristic for me. I watched the 'final choice' shows for Bachelor 2 just to see what the show was like and didn't find them appealing (obviously I missed the catty stuff).

    So, I think there needs to be an additional choice in the poll because I like the non-romantic-relationship reality shows. The rest I can skip.

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    Re: Reality T.V. Shows

    I dislike most reality TV shows, but there is one that caught my interest the other day. I think its name was Making It.

    A person (in the 2 I saw, the person was a teenager or group of teenagers has a dream) In the first show, there was this teenage group of geeky boys that wanted to be a real band and to compete and win in the local college's battle of the bands.
    By getting on the show, they got advice and help from musicians, costumers, producers and got a real manager.
    They had to work! The show covered what they did for months. They took lots of music lessons. They held a garage sale to get the last bit of money they needed for their demo. They did at least get into the battle of the bands (lost), but got real paying gigs in clubs, which they never did before, and got noticed by the girls that they had wanted to be noticed by, which they decided was the real win. I found it absolutely fascinating. Has anyone else watched this show?

    I found myself wondering whether there was a kid skating in juniors out there that should try to get on Making It that can't afford the best coaching, costume advice, etc.


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    Re: Reality T.V. Shows

    Doris, yes!! I stumbled across a show recently that sounds like the one you described - it was called 'Made' I think. I didn't see that episode, but the only one I've watched was fascinating too. A beefy small town football player's fondest dream is to sing opera. It followed him though some professional training, predictable ribbing my teammates, and ultimately to the stage in a tuxedo where he performed with some flair. Regretably he still sounded more like a frog than Andrea Bocelli, but the journey itself was a joy to watch.
    I love your idea about a junior skater episode!

    Oh, and heyang and JulesAsner - I'm a huge Amazing Race fan too!!

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