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Thread: Saturday Results

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    Saturday Results

    Originally posted by Rose

    All Saturday results are now on the Skate Canada web-site except the following:

    Eastern - Junior Pair Short (I will post them in this thread)
    Eastern - Junior Original Dance (I left the arena before it was finished)

    Western - Novice Women (no sheet available when I left the arena)
    Western - Junior Men (no sheet yet when I left the arena, I have a report with results)

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    Originally posted by Rose:

    I copied these from results sheet, so they're not the 'official' results

    1. Points 45.56 Marie-Eve Lavigne / Leo-Paul Dufour QC
    2. Points 42.44 Monica Pisotta / Michael Stewart CO
    3. Points 41.96 Amanda Velenosi / Mark Fernandez QC
    4. Points 38.52 Brooke Paulin / Nathan Last EO
    5. Points 35.20 Kateryne Pigeon / Chad Tsagris QC
    6. Points 32.72 Audrey Ann Leclerc / Patrice Babin QC
    WD Carolyn MacCuish / Andrew Evans CO
    WD Karine Bouchard / Daniel Eden QC

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    The results posted above are for the Eastern Junior Pair Short

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