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Thread: Julia Sebestyen cheering thread

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    Julia Sebestyen cheering thread

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    Julia'll fool ya'!

    Go Julia!!

    I have a row of these

    and also a row of these

    all lined up for when Julia MAKES THE PODIUM

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    I liked her "Otonal". Even if she comes in last, I won't be surprised if she gets new fans by skating as well as she can.

    But for the gold, I'm rooting for Miki Ando. Since Yu-Na is injured, I'm not sure what will happen--whether she'll withdraw, or try to fight through it.

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    Julia has found her way into a fairly prestigious competition by winning in weak fields skating very average programs.

    Actually, I find with Sarah M. it's more or less the same- in a more balanced roster she probably would not have made it.

    Now she'll be up against some of the best in the field. I think she'll get respect if she simply skates a strong routine regardless of where she ends up.

    But with everyone (including me) thinking she'll be last, stranger upsets have occurred. Are we being set up for one now?

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    I hope she does well And MM might be right, I wont put it past any skater to have a remarkable skate and blow the doors off the comp. I am just happy for all that made it to the GPF.

    but where is the Fumie cheering squad???

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    I've got the Yu-Na Kim Cheering squad :


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    I love her program when she won the Europeans!! Amazing

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