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Thread: Ice Dancers Pratt and Gilles Announce End of Partnership

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    News Ice Dancers Pratt and Gilles Announce End of Partnership

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    I'm sad to hear this. I've never seen them, but I was hoping they would skate well enough at Nationals that we would see their 'Dream On' FD televised. I have to think the results they had in their GP assignments didn't help any differences they already had. Best of luck to both of them whatever they do in the future.

    Herm (sk8ngnutt)

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    Say it ain't so! I liked them at Nationals. Crazy as it may seem, I'd never connected him to his sisters. Call me blonde.

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    :( I really liked this team last year at nationals they were fun, and she was so nice when we bumped into her at the official hotel... she got so excited when we wished her good luck and that we liked her dress for the Polka lol it was a fun exchange I wish both the best of luck

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    I am very sad - i really love there programs in this year - they was very original. Some russians fans really love there OD - much more/ then someone elses///

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