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Thread: Joannie, Joannie, My Goodness....

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    Joannie, Joannie, My Goodness....

    I saw Joannie skate this afternoon and was in dismay as she came unglued on three jumps in a row. I wonder what happened? I did not get to see the rest as I had an errand to do. However, after watching Joannie's disappointing long program it was over for me anyway.

    I guess she will not make the cut now for the GP final. It does not look so great for Canadian male skaters either this time around with Jeff out of the picture. What is up with Sandhu? I have not heard a thing about him. I am looking forward to Canadian Nationals though - it should be exciting.

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    Unfortunately, I think Joanie is quickly turning in a female-Sandhu or another Chouinard.

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    She lost her timeing on her jumps. But at least she came back in the end. It was just a little too late.

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    I just hope she rebounds for Nationals and Worlds.
    I'm keepng my fingers much potential...
    Maybe she needs to see a sports psychologist? They do seem to help with some athletes.

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    I have to agree with a Female Sandhu type of thing, it seems that way for most Canadian Skaters, except for Jeffery Buttle.

    Maybe she does need to see a sports Psychologist, she is such a wonderful skater and yet she is not always convinced of it unfortunately.

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