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Thread: Wishing Miki luck

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    Wishing Miki luck

    I was very disheartened about Miki's disastrous skate at GP Final. I know she was sick, but it was still a shame considering that she put so much effort into qualifying for the GP final and could have medaled.

    Anyhow, I sent her my best wishes and hope that she can recover in time for Worlds. Competition at Worlds will be tough with Asada, Kim, Meissner, Suguri, and Meier but I hope that Miki can have a satisfying skate that measures up to what she's capable of regardless of whether she makes the podium or not.

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    That was just a fluke thing, a flu bug going around at the worst possible time. Miki will be fine.

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    Ando has beaten Meissner twice this season already and I know she'll be back to compete well very soon. I'm loving all the great competition in the ladies field these days. It's really about who competes best on the day.

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