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Thread: Skate Canada Junior Nationals

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    Skate Canada Junior Nationals


    I have some predictions, tell me what you think!

    Novice Men
    1. Louis-Phillippe Sirois QC
    2. Brandon Armstrong WO
    3. Ronald Lam BC
    4. Paul Parkinson EO
    5. Paul Poirier CO

    Novice Ladies:
    1. Rika Inoda BC
    2. Kelsey McNeil NB
    3. Vanessa Grenier QC
    4. Kirsten Moore-Towers WO
    5. Vicky Pharand QC

    Juvenile Men:
    1. Peter O'Brien EO
    2. Nam Nguyen BC
    3. Nathan Thmas AB

    Juvenile Ladies:
    1. Roxanne Rheault QC
    2. Julianna Sagaria QC
    3. Ashleigh Parker BC

    I have more but I'm most sure on these events...tell me what you think!

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    You think that Paul Poirier will finish that far down? I've seen him do fabulous run-thru's in practice before - huge triples and great linking transitions and footwork.

    I think that if Paul doesn't make any silly mistakes, he could win. However, the key here is that he has to control those huge jumps. Nobody can touch his smoothness on the ice and his transisitons - a result of being such a great dancer.

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    Paul Poirier coudl do well, but if you look at all the details from his past competitions, he has always made mistakes, I think that pattern could continue

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    what does anybody think about the prenov event these are mine, no particular order
    julien phavorachith Qc
    Liam firus Bc
    Rhys anderson Bc
    shaquille davis co
    samuel angers Qc
    stuart ure Ab
    Garret gosellin sk
    these are all good contendors
    alexandra najarro co
    nicole orford bc
    courtney bean ab
    cambria little bc
    these are the top i know

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    does any body have any other thoughts

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