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    Pairs SP

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    1 Mukhortova- Trankov 63,50
    2 Efaeva-Menshikov 53,96
    3 Obertas-Slavnov 53,47
    4 Ushakova-Karev 51,80
    5 Bakirova-Patlasov 49,46
    6 Esich-Babkin 48,96
    7 Bazarova-Larionov48,92
    8 Sheremetyeva-Kuznecov 47,64
    9 Kazyuchic-Roslyakov 46,15
    10 Hodkova-Slyusarenko43,78

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    Kind of figure that Mukhortova and Trankov would be first thanks to the teachings of Oleg Vassiliev.

    I consider him one of the best coaches in the world.

    God I hope Totmianina and Marinin come back next year. Russian Pairs skating wouldn't be great without them. It isn't great right now but they can put it back on track
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    Obertas/Slavnov... what has happened to them? They used to have promise and potential. Poor Moskvina, but at least she has that other team whose name I don't know but there's a Japanese girl.

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