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Thread: Canadian Nationals Preview

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    News Canadian Nationals Preview

    Entering into the Canadian Championships in Halifax, Nova Scotia from January 15 to 21, the picture looks similar to last year with few retirements and all reigning champions returning to defend their titles. Dig a little beneath the surface, however, and suddenly things look very different.


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    You got it wrong for the ladies, i think. Here's my bet:

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    Quote Originally Posted by dodgio View Post
    You got it wrong for the ladies, i think. Here's my bet:
    Don't understand your guys' faith in Phaneuf. She is 5'8 and going no where. All the Leung haters will be disappointed again.

    I don't believe the silver medalists pick for pairs. Wakamatsu and Fecteau
    have been horrible all season long. They will not make the podium in my opinion.

    Sawyer is not going to medal either. His 3A has been an AWOL all season long, other triples are also extremely unstable. Sandhu is also a question mark.

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    I'm surprised at the pick of W/F for silver. Given their performances thus far this season, I think they're the least likely of the top teams to hit silver. Leung is consistent, no doubt, but I'm not so sure that makes her such a shoe-in for silver this year. If someone else has a good skate, the judges have shown this season that they're seeing her weaknesses in technique. Phaneuf is a total wildcard. While I'm hoping she'll skate well, I really have no expectations. I've heard nothing to indicate she's back up to the level she was at when she won Canadians a couple of years ago.

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    Sandhu will not make the podeum if the other skaters skate well. He's been dreadful all year. I don't think he'll be higher than 3rd and he'll probably be lower. I think that Patrick will medal and he's my pick for 2nd behind Buttle. His free is amazing and he's got the 3A, it's just a matter of wether he lands it or not. His other jumps are nice to.
    I think L/H are more likly to medal that W/F.

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