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Thread: The Emily Hughes Forum

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    The Emily Hughes Forum

    I created a forum a few months ago devoted to Emily Hughes. We have a very friendly community and would love to meet some more Emily fans.

    Check us out:

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    Thanks, Red Dog. It's great to have you aboard!

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    Does anyone know if the admin of the Emily Hughes Forum still maintains it? I see that there is a list going back over a month of un-validated members. I believe older members can still use it, but newer members cannot participate until they are validated by the admin.

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    Sorry about that. I had some computer problems that took me offline for a few weeks.

    All validating accounts have been approved and I've changed registration to email confirmation only so that new members won't need admin approval to post.

    The forum itself was recently upgraded to a much better software and has gotten a new look. No members or posts have been lost.

    Please check us out:

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    Great .... admire her so much

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