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Thread: Haven't You Noticed That....

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    Haven't You Noticed That....

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    The Gold medalists from Natioanls are all out of the top three at Four Continents. In thier home country too! Belbin and Agosto are the only ones who are ahead.. but they were in second after the compository dance. Kimmie is in Sixth, Evan is in Fourth, Brooke and Castille are in 4? i forget actually. I hope we see better showings at worlds. maybe the skaters are just focusing in worlds and not tryingto exacust them selves here. Or does alttitude really make that much of a diffrenece?

    Also, was johnny weir supposed to be here?

    GO ALISSA!!!!!

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    I did find it odd, however in three events, it ain't over... we'll see just how interesting this becomes after the free programs

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    Not suprising because of the fact that they didin't get much of a break between nationals and here

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