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Thread: Too Much Media Coverage on Iraq?

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    Too Much Media Coverage on Iraq?

    I know that this is a war- something very serious and we should all be informed about it and how it may affect us.

    That being said, all the TV stations need to stop doing around the clock, information on the minute every minute coverage.

    I do not need to know what the weather is like in Northern Iraq....I find this information to be more important to the soldiers. I also do not need to see fuzzy digital videos of reporters from the 3rd infantry....I'm sure they have better things to do.

    Maybe all this coverage has jaded me a anyone else tired all the "breaking news" and "this just in" reports? How much is too much? Do we really need to know EVERYTHING?

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    Re: Too Much Media Coverage on Iraq?


    During World War One people had to rely on the newspaper mostly to keep informed of what was going on in Europe. During World War Two people were glued to their radios, plus what the journalists were reporting. They felt it their "duty" to keep informed. We today are so technology advantaged that it is almost right in our living rooms - the Viet Nam war was dubbed the "living room war." The media does feel obligated to keep us informed about what is going on - it's up to us whether or not we want to tune in. Turn off your tv if it is upsetting you or listen to some nice music. No we don't have to watch the war blow by blow, but it's bound to touch our lives in one way or another. I think we have also become jaded by all the violent tv programs we are used to watching. The war is reality; people are really being killed. It's not hollywood.


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    Re: Too Much Media Coverage on Iraq?

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>I think we have also become jaded by all the violent tv programs we are used to watching. The war is reality; people are really being killed. It's not hollywood[/quote] So maybe they shouldn't show it on every channel, like they did yesterday. I tuned in to watch ER, I wanted to have <em>one</em> hour from 24. A little dose of escapism wouldn't hurt anyone. Nope. War, war, war, war. Even on PBS and Discovery (not exactly what was on other channels, but about the war nevertheless). If you see something for a long time you tend to lose interest, etc., it's natural. It makes you jaded too. I've had enough after two days. I don't understand how they can show the same material over and over again, and on every channel. It's not like they have somethig new every minute.

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    Re: Too Much Media Coverage on Iraq?

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>The war is reality; people are really being killed. It's not hollywood.[/quote]

    No, it's not Hollywood. What it is right now is Sport, like Football, and the tone of the coverage so similar to coverage of a game where the home team is the best in the league and the other team the weakest.

    Vast money has been spent on the Media Center, so I heard this am.

    It is all very distressing to me. But if people want to watch this, I am afraid that it is the ultimate reality show. And if they watch, that is all that will be covered.

    I am stocking up on some good books.


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    Kara Bear

    Re: Too Much Media Coverage on Iraq?

    I missed Married by American and the Bachelor special because of the war coverage and was terribly upset :D :D

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    Re: Too Much Media Coverage on Iraq?

    I cant watch anything!!!

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    Re: Too Much Media Coverage on Iraq?

    Don't watch it. It's the usual Goliath beats David. The US in Antinga; the US in Panama. The US in Chile (but behind the scenes) They are all pretty much the same.


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    Re: Too Much Media Coverage on Iraq?

    Haven't you figure it out that the war isn't going on in Iraq? The real war is the ratings for the news networks.

    That's just a joke.

    When I get frustrated about the round the clock coverage, I stop and think about when my cousin was serving in the Gulf War. We have close to (if not more than) 300,000 troops over there, and their families are here, wondering anxiously about what is happening there and whether a loved one is safe.

    One of the coolest things on CNN last night was Aaron Brown's checking in w/ a reporter travelling with the 82nd Airborne. Not only did they have audio, but for the first time there was live coverage of troop movement from the ground and unit itself. Brown got an email a little later from the mother of a soldier who was serving in the unit on TV, expressing her relief and happiness at being able to at least see what her son was going through as it happens.

    For me, moments like that make all the overcoverage worthwhile.


    Disagree with our government, that is your right, but please support our troops. They didn't make the decision to go to war.

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    It feel like a week already, but its been but 2 days. There is plenty of other channels doing their shows. Best not to watch too much, as for sensitive people it's very sad and depressing, and that affects immune function.

    I sent an email to the troops which aol started. I feel I can also say little prayers while I watch to have hope about ending the whole awful mess.

    I also signed the thing mandel put in this folder, to say i support and appreciate the troops, as I do, though I am ready to curse out this Bush fellow!

    just some ways of coping and feeling not so powerless in a corrupt world.

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    Re: news

    I have a question. When does Peter Jennings go to the bathroom?


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    LOL, Mathman, silly, he keeps a special pee jug under the news desk! Everybody knows that! No, seriously, I think the networks are going all out with the war coverage, but its certainly warranted. I don't think we, at this point, can really understand how important this conflict is. But personally, I just change the channel. I can't watch it non-stop, I get nervous and worried.

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    Re: LOL!

    War IS entertainment. The networks have all got their reporters participating in the war. Instead of the pom poms they've got the lastest in gas mask wear. Ominously speaking, last week when Dubya held his summit with Spain, England etc., ABC was the first network to cover it and the last to leave. I fear they will be interupting, if not eclipsing, Worlds coverage with war coverage. I hope they give us advance warning if they decide to switch over to ESPN.

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    Re: LOL!

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>I have a question. When does Peter Jennings go to the bathroom?



    Maybe that's why his face looks so cramped!!

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    Is Peter Jennings constipated???

    He he he.

    I think there IS such thing as overkill....

    I was in Bahrain during Desert Storm, and my family said they appreciated all the coverage on CNN....but of course, they had no way of knowing what was going on with ME personally.

    But no matter how strongly you may support the effort of the war, or of the troops, watching too much of it is not going to do anything to help anyone. Since I've been sick and spending most of my time in bed, I'll have it on for half hour or an hour to catch up on things, but then go back to "Nick at Nite" or something similarly goofy and brainless! 8o

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    Re: Is Peter Jennings constipated???

    Even the Vietnam war's coverage was delayed a bit.We didn't have instant replay or live coverage like we do now.The tapes had to be transported before they could be aired.You can't even imagine how relieved I am when I 'see' my son online.After every IM between us and after every phone call I have to let loose a good cry.Every time.

    As for round the clock coverage-its a 2 edged sword.We family members back home desperately need to know our soldiers are ok.Some of us want to know what is going on as much as possible.I feel guilty when I take advantage of the fact that I can tune out whenever I want to.Our soldiers can't.

    I hope I didn't go off topic here-honestly I can't remember what the original post said.<img src= ALT=" >D">

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