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Thread: Oscar Thoughts

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    Kara Bear

    Oscar Thoughts

    I just watched 6 hours of Oscar head hurts
    Kidman's win was great as well as Brody's...he gave a great speech. As for Michael M....
    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Oscar Thoughts

    No surprise really, after all, being 'in your face' with social commentary and vocal opinion is what won Mr. @#%$ the Oscar in the first place ("Bowling for Columbine"). It was his forum to use as he deemed appropriate.

    (Personally I'd rather hear a heartfelt opinion and warm thanks than the superficial 'thank my dance teacher and everyone I ever met' type speech.)

    Adrian Brody's reaction and speech was especially moving for me. I enjoyed the whole show, except I was dissappointed with the Best Song category. I think Steve Martin did a good job with only a couple of groaners.

    Edited because when printed, Mr. @#%$ became Mr. swear word for some reason...spooky weird!!

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    Re: Oscar Thoughts

    It did it again!!!! Let me ty this... Mr. @#%$, Julianne @#%$...test-test-test.

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    Re: Oscar Thoughts

    I was watching E! liove coverage all day, so every hour I was getting more and more hyped for the Oscars.

    I thought the show was very well done with a great set. Steve Martin was a good host this year, but he was better in the 2001 telecast.

    I liked how before the Acting categories, they showed all the past Oscar winners. What I didn't like was that they didn't show any clips of the nominated actors and their reactions to the clips.

    I'm happy for all of Chicago's wins.

    Spirited Away was a great Animated Feature, but poor Lilo and Stitch.

    I'm disappointed for Meryl, although Catherine was excellent and deserved it too (Didn't anyone else notice Kathy Bates's less than pleasant reaction to her not winning ).

    Chris Cooper, very happy for him! :D

    Nicole Kidman was very pretty, too bad Julianna @#%$ didn't win.

    Big surprise for Adrien Brody, I'm delighted for him. If Nicolas Cage wouldn't have gotten it, I'm happy Brody did.

    Happy for the Screenplay winners, although I was split between Adaptation and The Hours, maybe that's how Pianist won.

    Very surprised about Roman Polanski for director. So happy for him! Academy showed great taste in honoring substance over hype (Scorcese).

    Also, Micheal M-O-O-R-E said the same speech at the IFP Independent Spirit Awards, so maybe he was booed not only by Bush supporters, but by ppl who wanted to hear a different speech .

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    Re: Oscar Thoughts

    Why does @#%$ do that?? :rollin: Oh well, @#%$ it.

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    Mostly Great

    I also watched all of the telecast and thought it was very good this year. Nicole Kidman's win was the highlight for me, I was hoping for it to happen and I'm so happy for her. Personally, I found Michael M.'s comments to be distasteful for all of the reasons I stated in the Dixie Chick thread. It was his personal freedom to say those things, but that wasn't the point of this Awards show. It was to honor great performances and achievements in an entertainment field. Not to jump at the chance to share unrelated views with an audience of millions. I watch the Academy Awards because I love films and I like to see great achievements being rewarded. I could care less how Nicole, Halle, Jack, etc or any other performers feel about politics or even skating (lol!). I'm more than happy to hear them discuss the sector of their lives that directly involves them....their craft. No entertainers and politics for me thanks, they just don't mix.

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    Most offensive show ever!

    I am like so unbelievably offended! Some Mexican actor, a Spanish director and a Detroit documentary fatso said anti-war things at the Oscars! This is just more proof that Hollywood is full of degenerate liberals! These people are only supposed to say lines other people wrote for them, not voice their own opinions. Voicing opinions is only exclusively for Fox News Channel newscasters and generals acquited of war crimes. We need a war on California!

    How dare these damned liberals criticize politicians for political reasons for free? Why can't they be like conservative Michael Savage who gets paid for making fun of Desert Storm mastermind and democrat Norman Schwarzkopf's prostate cancer on Savage's radio show? How dare they find their own time to voice opinions different from the 10 news channels run by conservatives? I am outraged, just outraged! I am so mad I am going to keep watching the Oscars 'cause I want to keep whining about celebrities (whose names don't start with B and end with ill O'Reilly) with active opinions.

    I take it back, Hollywood isn't that bad. The people at the Oscars booed an anti-war speech and cheered a fugitive pedophile. They're starting to reallize opposing things non-Republican and supporting things R. Kelly-ish is the way to live. Maybe we'll spare some of them in the War on Cali.

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    oscar oscar oscar!

    WOO HOO!
    I just won for the 2nd year in a row at my friend's annual Oscar party! I get a cheesy Oscar replica and everything (along with fun gift bag items and a gift cert to a local film fest).


    These upsets made me really happy, even though I didn't guess them correctly: Adrien Brody Best Actor (yea!!), The Pianist Best Screenplay, "Lose Yourself" Best Song

    Categories I was happy about that I guessed: Nicole Kidman Best Actress, Spirited Away Animated Feature, Chris Cooper Supporting Actor (no surprise there of course), Bowling for Columbine!

    At our event we were all split about what we thought about the director's thank you, but I can only think: What did they THINK he was going to do?!? Especially if he did the same thing at an earlier acceptance speech?

    Best of all - no Renee Zellweger win!


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    Re: oscar oscar oscar!

    I never understood why there was such a big backlash against Renee. Sure she isn't the best singer or dancer, but she had great heart, and I could tell by the way she was singing that she understood her character very well. I rather have somebody feel what they are singing, than to have someone sining as loud and long as she can.

    I thought Renee was excellent as Roxie. Roxie wasn't supposed to be the best dancer or singer, she just wanted to be famous. I love her rendition of the song "Roxie"

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    I didn't know there was a backlash against Renee - I thought I was definitely in the minority on this one.

    For me it's not so much <em>this movie</em>, but that I really do not care for her acting at all, in any movie. Her voice, her expressions - they eclipse any acting that might be going on. Additionally , she looks an awful lot like Jewel (who I'm not that fond of either), and anytime I see Renee in a movie, I fear that she's going to start yodeling or spouting bad poetry!



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    Re: renee&julianne

    This was Julieanne's second best actress nomination and also Renee's second best actress nomination. Both are terrific acrtresses, I feel that the next time either one of them is nominated with a great performance, the ocsar will go to one of them.

    This was Nicole's thrid nod and I guess thrid time IS a charm. Quite frankly, this years nominees was one of the deepest fields in a long time. The three ladies and Selma and Diane were all terrific and anyone could have deservedly taken the statue home. Seems it was Nicole's "turn" and I am happy for her success.

    There seemed to be a lot of ,"well it's ok that______won, but _______ just as well could have taken it"

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    Re: renee&julianne

    Oh, I agree. This really was a deep Ladies field.

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    Re: Oscar Thoughts

    First of all, I'm <strong>thrilled</strong> for Adrien Brody! It really made my day. I was very surprised that Polanski got an Oscar, but I'm happy for him. I was hoping for Best Picture, though. I loved it when Adrien gave it all when he kissed Halle Berry, LOL! I would've loved to see her husband's face at that moment. :rollin: (from what I've heard he's been cheating on her a lot).

    I'm glad Chris Cooper got an Oscar. And Nicole Kidman, and Peter O'Toole. Loved his speech and I love him. What a great actor. I can't stand Renee Zellweger. Not for her singing, but for her idea of "acting" (the constipated look and weak, dollish "sexy" voice), and for her usual face expression, as someone called it: "I smell poo poo". I haven't seen Chicago yet, so I'm not talking about her role there, but of many of her roles, especially in "Jerry Maguire", and her usual behavior at awards ceremonies.

    As for Michael M-o-o-r-e (what's so bad about <em>this</em> word?? you can write [color=red]*[/color][color=red]*[/color][color=red]*[/color], and the like), I don't like Bush, etc., but that lack of class was painful to watch. Loved the joke Martin made about him. Others made their feelings known without making an [color=red]*[/color][color=red]*[/color][color=red]*[/color] of themselves.

    Btw, Martin's speech was very boring. Later he said a few funny things, but overall it was... well, boring. I miss Billy Crystal, it was his show.

    Oh, and has anyone noticed how strange Diane Lane's eyes looked? Either she was wearing some strange contacts or she <em>did</em> have very dilated pupils.

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    Re: Oscar Thoughts

    <span style="color:green;font-family:comic sans ms;font-size:small;">Once again we need to let you know that there used to be a very cruel tyrannical poster here and M-O-O-R-E was her last name. She threatened to sue Paula blah blah blah and now we cannot post that word on the board. No great loss.</span>

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    Re: Oscar Thoughts

    I like Steve better than Billy. Steve's humor is more high-brow and witty, wheras Billy is funny in the beginning, then runs out of steam.

    I really think Steve was better in the 2001 telecast, though. He had great moments, like the bit where he said he thank all the women who slept with him and didnt' brag about it and it showed all these women, a couple (Ted Dansen and his wife), and a man.

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