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Thread: Skating Programs at Purdue, Penn State or U Mass

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    Skating Programs at Purdue, Penn State or U Mass

    Hi I am in ISI FS2 and I am a Highschool senior and got in to these colleges (still waiting to hear from UMass). I really love to skate and want to continue but want to go in to ice dance. Do you know anything about programs there?

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    Penn State Main Campus has an ice rink, and they have a figure skating club. I have family that lives out that way, and I always skate there when I'm in the area. I can't really tell you much about the program itself, but I always see a good number of people at the freestyle sessions, and all of the coaches that I've talked to at the rink are really great people.

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    Why don't you contact those programs and speak with them? I'm one that feels that college is not just about academics. Certainly, it's important but I feel the entire experience is what is important - the academics, social, emotional development. If skating is a important part of your life, then by all means I encourage you to continue to make it important while in college (helps with stress and I believe, with grades - at least sports in college helped me). Talk with the club and see what they have to say...good luck.

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    And CONGRATULATIONS for being accepted at these excellent universities!!!!!

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