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Thread: Dilemma: Survivor? or American Idol?

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    Dilemma: Survivor? or American Idol?

    Damn those basketball tournaments, making me choose between my pet addictions on a Wednesday night! :evil:

    I feel especially bad, as I missed the first hour of last night's AI, but it's going to have to be Survivor, I think. I'm counting on Sally1214, RealtorGal and Rgirl to keep me up-to-date on who got the boot.

    skating junkie first
    reality tv junkie second

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    Re: Dilemma: Survivor? or American Idol?

    I had the same dilemma plus a tortuous boxing workout. My aerobics class is on M&W from 7 - 7:50. Our regular trainer had to get a sub for tonight and it was Joe the Boxer. He has the rigorous, challenging workout, but he trains for over and hour.

    I taped Survivor because I wanted to watch from beginning to end - whereas I couldn't figure out why Idol was going to be an hour and only needed to watch the last 20 minutes.

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    Re: Dilemma: Survivor? or American Idol?

    Joe the Boxer--cool. But man, you are going to be really sore! I'm sure you're in great shape, but changing from aerobics to boxing uses entirely different muscles. Tomorrow you'll feel a little sore, but Friday--be sure you've got either aspirin or your favorite non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (Motrin, Aleve, whatever works for you). And on the worst spots, try ice. Really bad delayed muscle soreness comes from microtears in the muscle and what you want to do is reduce the inflammation. Of course you can't ice your whole body, but icing the muscles that are most sore (ice for 20 min on, 10 min off for an hour) will help reduce the inflammation and pain. Of course a glass of wine doesn't hurt either.

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    success! (sort of)

    Hey! Due to the war coverage here on the West Coast, Fox was delayed by 20 minutes, so I got to watch Survivor AND catch the all-important final 15 minutes!!

    Poor Charles. It really should have been Julia this week. But what I really want to know is:




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    Re: Dilemma: Survivor? or American Idol?

    Watched Survivor, then caught the last 15 of AI....I thought it was kind of funny, two weeks ago Shawna was all but begging to be sent home...well, there ya go! He he he. Kasey

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    Re: Dilemma: Survivor? or American Idol?

    We have a pool at work on Survivor. The one gal that has Shawna is hated too, so what can I tell you. I actually was saying mean things about Shawna but really meant her. I know I'm evil.:evil: :evil: Ha, ha, but it was fun.


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    Re: Dilemma: Survivor? or American Idol?

    Thanks for the advice Rgirl. I should be in better shape, but that's why I'm taking aerobics.

    Anyway, I'm definitely feeling the twinges and am not looking forward to tommorrow. He had us going for 80 minutes. It was a nice change from the standard aerobics, but I wouldn't want to do this routine every week.

    My tape cutoff Survivor - so, I couldn't see who voted Shawna off. Am I correct in thinking that only Alex and Shawna voted for Matt?

    The girls are definitely not playing this game strategically. Whenever the merge occurs, the guys will outnumber the gals. Does the merge happen during the next episode. There's only 10 left - I can't remember how many people are on the judging panel.

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    survivor v. Amer Idol

    heyang - you're right, only Alex and Shawna voted for Matt.

    Although last week I was hoping all the girls would get the boot for being such doofuses, this week made me feel a little better. If there's a merge next week (usually is with 10, but they're getting awfully squirrelly about those merges lately ), I don't think it will really matter that there are fewer gals than guys, as the guys seem pretty split - and of the remaining women, the only ones I would bet would stick together are Heidi and Jenna. Then again, those popular girls can turn on each other at the drop of a hat!! :lol:


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