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    Custom Photo

    Thanks to my wonderful oldest son my custom photo works!

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    Re: Custom Photo

    Can I borrow him? I see that your photo is on a site called Do you have to pay to have a picture on that server?


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    Re: Custom Photo

    mathmann I'm not sure what he did to get this picture to work. I just asked him to find me a free site I can upload my picture too. Too bad we didn't live close to each other he needs a job:lol:

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    Re: Custom Photo

    Yeah, he's back, my picture of Paul son opened up a free website for me to house pictures......42

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    Re: Custom Photo

    I can't wait to get my custom photo of Karen Magnussen back. From now on I will be very careful about logging on and logging off and personal messaging. It's almost too risky to do it. Must be some glitch in Golden Skate. A person should not have to start all over again for petes' sake!


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